Magick to buy a home

I am in great need of a larger home for me and my family. I have no issue with working. I love to work but some of my children arent school age so i need money to put them in daycare. I also have dreams of owning a bakery. I would honor whatever spirits help me to attain all these things, however i need them soon for i have become depressed being a stay at home single mom. So i need a job. I need to live in a safe neighborhood and have enough space in a home that my family and i can at least be comfortable because i am worried that with such a great deal of depression i wont be here for my children in the near future.
Are there any dieties, gods, spirits and or demons that can be of some assistance?


Yes there are.

But please go step by step. First you have to learn and act accordingly once you show efforts, the universe will respond more quickly.

I will try to explain some issues here but you will need more details obviously and I suggest you to buy some books to begin with.

There are many books that may help to you, my recommedations for the beginners are here below :

Demons of Magick of Gordon Winterfield
Kingdom of Flame of EA Koetting will also be very useful.
You may aslo consider Financial Sorcery of Jason Miller too if you have budget of course.

Also The Kybalion ( will help to you.

In the books you will find the sprits and sigils that may help you. Please read those books carefully, both of them preferably. You have to show efforts, and to do so you have to learn and act and if you are lazy to do a bit , then just leave it to destiny and please don’t expect much.

Do not ask immediately the final end. Divide it into parts and you will get better results. What I mean is simply saying the end destination is not always enough so showing directions can lead to better results. So if you want to have a bakery, you obviously need money. Think about possible sources, from where you may expect that money, it may be inherited or it may come via liquidation of something you already own sure at a good price, or maybe all may depend on your husband business if he may do well so both of you may have extra money to spend on new projects, or you may get a loan from a bank, or you have a special possible source. So think about it, what are your option(s), then do your magick accordingly for the very next and small step and then go for the next one and then next. As per our case that may be to look for a good place to start your bakery, then do it via another magick; simply ask for the best place and then once this is done you will probably need good co-workers and then go for it. Step by step. I hope you see what I mean.

The reaoson that I recommend so instead of simply stating one final wish of success is that magick helps to increase the probability of events, for example if you directly aim the stars that may seem like a good target at first; but it’s a hard one and you would miss them yes it’s OK to have your final target in your mind but look a stairway first, likewise if you hope to win lottery like most do, and like most you risk to fail at the start; even the magick increases your chance of winning one maybe ten folds maybe twenty, still you have a very tiny possibility window to make it real, but when if you divide them into small chunks everything become more possible and you may get all of them and you may live all your dreams.

I strongly recommend the books but as for the sprits, you may ask help from Bune, Clauneck, Halathor and you may find all the details within the books and it’s really very long to give here all details and probably it will not be very efficient and even it seems for a while OK after a time your foundation may shake and you would fail.

But once you have a clear idea about what you do, how you need to do it, who you may employ and with who and when; then you will have a strong plan and such a strong plan either in magick or in business generally means success.

Good Luck


The one problem that I see with people who practise magick to gain wealth or prosperity or whatever is that they lack the effort to reach that goal. But there is a good solution to this; blood magick. Riskier but it will force your hand to reach for things whereas magick that isn´t binding like blood magick is, doesn´t necessarily force your hand. I´m open to opinions of course.

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Ive heard about blood magick a lot but i cant seem to find anything on it, do you mind explaining

For physical buildings ive worked with Belial. I also recommended Belial to someone and he provided for them as well. However I am going to be looking to buy my first house within the next year and I will be summoning Earth Gnomes and using lodestone.


Earth Gnomes … interesting… any links to information on this?

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How about I message you about it later I´m preparing a blood magick ritual right now? I can answer all of your questions then, in the meanwhile do formulate the questions before that, that cool?


Everywhere. Just google it

Please share with me also about blood magick. I am interested. Thank you

Hey Florry you can go to they have some serious spells on there and also some not so real seeming ones. Youll see the one about Blood Magic to gain wealth. I have been thinking about doing one of them.

Im also about to use a lodestone in a spell i found on a youtube video

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Holy hell, I´ve gone to and I´ve never really seen any good ones. I suppose 80% of it is dung and 20 %of it are diamonds

Please do

Gnomes, i did read its diferents stiles to call. Along whit the elements spirts, im confused bcse gnomes in a book i read ot show a seal. But i mot dure they have a seal so far i trust the source, but i lyk. Hoe itgoes