Magick Tattoo artists?

Didn’t know which Category I would put this, but I’m going with General Discussion. Anyway, yeah I’m seeking Practitioners who are Tattoo artists because I’ve thought long and hard about getting Tattoos like here are the tattoos I had in mind: Two Dragons of my own design, they’re a hybrid of Oriental and European style dragons, but each dragon is on my arm and shoulders, like their heads start from the spot where my neck meets my shoulders and go down my biceps and their wings on my shoulder blades, though each dragon has their own distinct look/appearance like the Left Dragon would be a Hellish, Nightmare Dragon with battle scars, and the Right one would be an angelic, peaceful Dragon of light. I also thought of putting a tree (Yggdrasil or Tree of Life/Death) on my back, but I’m too certain about that because I don’t know if I could handle a back tattoo.

I hope you like the concept of the tattoos, and if asked I’ll show you my drawings of these dragons. So, yeah I’m looking for a practitioner who can enchant the ink and images with these desired effects: Strength (Physical/Mental/Spiritual kind), Protection (Mostly against negative forces, like Hostel entities, or just overall against obstacles), Power (like Empower my magick, My Will, and Soul, etc.), Luck (Pretty much general luck like wealth, social, love, and conflicts, etc.).
I think that was it, but I’m sure I’ll find some others to include. I thought of including Bindrunes, Alchemy symbols, or just sigils to these dragons, so yeah if you know any Occult Tattoo artists or if you, yourself are one, let’s talk, or maybe point me in the right direction.


If you’re near Pittsburgh I can point you to an artists.

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I wish I was there, though one day I might be. Alright thanks.

There’s always the option of getting the work done with a regular parlor and then empowering the ink once it’s a part of you. That’s what I’ve done with my last two and upcoming third marks.


Hmm? How does that technique work?

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I’d describe it as the same technique used when opening sigils, but instead of just opening the art, empower it. Pour the qualities you want to imbue it with into the symbol that’s been etched into your skin. If the tattoo is in a place that’s hard to see visually, you can focus on the area where it covers.


With my Belial tattoo, the artist allowed me to bless both the ink and the gun, and he actually helped by intoning the enn of Belial as I was doing it.

The energy was really high whenever the tattoo started , I’m certain that came Belial was enjoying the rush of my pain and the blood as the tattoo progressed.


I’ve tried 2 methods when tattooing small sigils on myself. Used together as one I guess.
Part 1, I add dragons blood ink and select herbal extracts to my ink and charge it with intent/conencrate.

Part 2 like @Mercury described, meditate when I’m done, open the finish peace and leave offerings if help was involved.


Pittsburgh? I’m interested to what state for Pittsburgh