Magick Squares

Anybody have any experience in working with magick squares and discerning their properties? I’ve just recently stumbled upon this concept and was looking for more leads to go on.

Hmm. Sounds similiar to a guided tarot meditation I got from a book once where you basically created the deck box in your mind and charged your chakras to explore the greater arcana cards. I’m more of a free meditating kind of person but I’ll give it a go. Thanks for the post. :slight_smile:

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Kitari, the only thing I know about magick squares is that it originated within the Mathmeticians circles and was accepted as a foundation for working Magickal branches involving astrology, numerology and self-determined sigils … maybe like a Magickal Sudoku filled with meaning & symbolism.


Well found a good start for my research into this obscure art. Turns out I never had the full version of abramelins works lol. Now I do and I’m gonna get my start there and see what potential these things have.

CONGRATS! You’re a far braver Soul than I - Me 'n math-type stuff - rrrrrr. Makes my hair hurt just thinkin bout it :wink: Z

Haha. Math and I have never really gotten along either but when it comes to magick I’m more than willing to work with it if I have to. Studying magick has been my life’s passion for as long as I can remember and I’m not gonna let a few numbers stand between me and an increase in my power and understanding of the great art. So far the only square in abramelins book that I’ve found with numbers is at the very end but I’m going to pick them all apart one by one in true reverse engineering fashion and translate the words in them as well as evoke the spirits that are supposed to be associated with said squares to figure out what they are capable of and to get a better understanding of how and why these things that have been the fascination of so many math club nerds and puzzle junkies are said to hold so much power. Exploring every bit of magick I can get my hands on is what I live for. :slight_smile:

Good on you mate. Wish I’d seen this post earlier, as much of my earlier days as a magician were spent working with magick squares and sigils. That said, I know of a few books that have some good explanations as well as meditations if you’re still looking for info.

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Awesome! Glad you found this then. Feel free to post away or pm me. I welcome all sources of information and assistance.

Hey Kitari,

I have worked with magick squares before and it is quite a complex deep system.
For example personal magick squares are made up of a sentence and the numerical value of that sentence is calculated and put into the square having all the number digits on each direction adding up to the value of the numerical sentence you arrived at…so say you put a spirit’s name into the square , and the letters add up to 60 for example… all the numbers inserted into the square will add up to the value of 60…which will vibrate with the spirit’s name(sort of like having the right telephone number of the spirit;-)…the methods of actually writing them are many also and this art can be hard work.
Hope this helps.

One thing I noticed about the Abramelin squares, is that several of them seem to be switched or mistakenly categorized. For example, an obvious possible confusion is gold and silver.

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