Magick / ritual around babies

Just curious what your thoughts / experiences are on doing magick around / in same household as babies.
Like for people like me who live in an apartment in the city with no way to get away to do ritual elsewhere. Dad isn’t home alot, breastfeeding mama, etc.
Is it ok to have baby in his bedroom while mama does ritual in other room?


I’m a breastfeeding mother and I do rituals at home all the time. Sometimes indoors sometimes out. Regular banishing and cleansing plus protection over my precious wittle boy and we don’t have any problems.


That’s cool, great to hear :blush: Thanks for sharing your experience :grin:

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Not a problem :blush:

May I ask, are you doing just rituals to bring about positive stuff or also other kinds? Just curious

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I flung some bane at a deserving target earlier today actually. And I summon Entities of all sorts. Like I said. Protection for the kid, cleansing, banishing, curse away :+1:

How do you protect the kid?

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Protective Sigil :crossed_swords::shield:

Even if you do your rituals outside you should still cleanse and banish the area.

If you want you can also do this for added security. Just use the kids pee instead of your own.

Just in case you have any enemies that might mess with your child. Double sheilding :+1:

I have wondered this for a few weeks recently since I am just jumping back into more heavy magic since having kids years ago, even tried to ask EA on one of his livestreams, but eventually I just protected my boys room and proceeded with no problems. I wouldn’t put my kids in harms way and practice anything if I wasn’t absolutely certain in their safety.


I’m full term with my third baby and already have two toddlers and that has not stopped me from magick x in fact I need it more than ever for protection and manifesting abundance x