Magick related pet peeves

I thought I’d make a journal thread listing some pet peeves of mine and if anyone can relate to any of these feel free to give me a heart😀

  • when someone who does Wicca (nothing against wiccans) yells at me for what I do because I don’t do the same “safe practice” that they do and just because they were supposedly older then me they know more then me.

  • people who don’t understand there is more the one practice.

  • imposter spirits. Oh god these pests are literally like 13 year old kids that tug your shirt to get your attention and then run off laughing.

  • when some of the cards in your tarot deck are face up mixed with face down and you don’t know why so you go through each individual one.

  • when you loose the one occult book that you actually need to refer to at that moment but it’s lost.

  • you Want to do a ritual and you don’t have time to complete it.

  • someone interrupting you during any type of meditation.

  • my rituals back firing

  • Etsy ritual for hire scammers. They get under my skin. Idk. They just do. I was literally going to do that on Etsy but too many scams took over.

I will add more later cause I’m sure I’ll think of more lol. If you have any of your own I’d love to hear them.


My family is famous for interrupting me when I am deep in a meditation. Always someone loudly knocking on my door, disrupting my meditation. Lucky for me, headphones are good at canceling out outside noise :stuck_out_tongue: .


You better know what you’re doing

Im older than you, so you don’t even know anything yet when I’ve lived x amount longer. I have more life experience.

You shouldn’t be doing things you don’t know what they are

Yeah okay. Catch me in the wrong moment on any of those three and it’s a triggered reaction.

I have well thought out rebuttals, examples, experiences and in some cases proof, so if I’m speaking and that’s what you gave me, you probably already crossed a line anyways… :rofl:

I know how to have adult conversation and not force what I think on anyone. I don’t even share it most of the time, so. I know how to agree to disagree, it’s real easy to do when the other person is also capable of it.

I came last weekend from having heard all there, after hearing the dude tell me he’d just found out that week about what he’s calling the real origins of the Bible.

He asked my opinion, then couldn’t let me get out a single sentence without berating me for being 15 years younger so I couldn’t possibly know.

That’s cool yo, I just don’t understand why you asked for my opinion if you really wanted to preach.

Also want to note I didn’t just find out I was lied to last week. I’ve known for quite some time.

I walked away, because he just wouldn’t stop. Fine you want to preach, I can listen but don’t goad me into sharing what I think and then berate me over my age rather than letting me tell you what I think. Cuz I just won’t.

I don’t need to share with anyone bad enough to be treated like shit over it, so I sure won’t let myself be treated badly when I was asked for the thoughts, ya know?



I recently had a jackass try to prod me about what I’m doing and attempt to keep me from doing it.

Really pissed me off. YOU…want to stand in MY way? OBSTRUCT…MY PATH…that you know nothing about, couldn’t understand, and I won’t share with you?

Bad move motherfucker…bad move…

Don’t step on my blue suede shoes…

(A raincheck that will be cashed another time…bahahaha)