Magick is real but I need help/advice

So lately I’ve been trying to open my third eye but can’t right now. The problem is that I know magick is real from my past experiences but can’t open my third eye.

I’ve had kundalini experiences that have proven that there’s a spiritual side to things and have also done energy work such as giving remote orgasms that have proven that magick is real. I was so good at doing this at one point that I had to start taking Xanax to stop having so much sexual magnetism, as funny and brutal as it sounds.

With that said there’s entities that don’t want me opening my third eye. The reason because of this is because (certain being) used to molest me at one point. The reason because of this most likely is because my magnetism was at a high level which made beings lust after me. Now, (certain being) knows I was good at torture in my Cupid past life and doesn’t want me tapping into my divinity because he’s scared of me. I want to know if there’s a way to seal off these beings from coming into my head and closing my third eye. This is brutal for me because I’m very passionate about the occult and have a lot of potential because I was a lot of powerful people in past lives and it’s a waste that I can’t be an occultist right now. I’m wondering if anybody has been through something like this before.

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Welcome back, @MJim921

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I maybe be talking nonsense here but…
I think you shouldn’t do this. I think you should fight for it. Search for a way to banish them and keep them and any other being that wishs you harm away. But keep your third eye open, keep practicing magick, cause the more you practice the stronger you’ll get, and better you be able to fight off those beings. Seek help of other entities that you trust or that you think that maybe will be able to help you. Search in other pantheons if necessary, try different types of magics. Just don’t give up yet, fight for your magick. You’re power than you think! I’m sure you’re. Believe in yourself and fight back. Cause that’s exactly what they, beings that want ro hurt you, want, that you give up. So practice and train yourself to be stronger in magic, so you can fight them back.
Like I said, maybe I’m talking nonsense, is just that I feel you shouldn’t give up on this, let them win, you should fight for what you want, for who you are in a way.
Either way, I wish you luck!

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I see many people having the same problem of trying to open the third eye .
To do so your body should be cleansed of all impurities first . No alcohol no drugs and you should shower .
Go out at night, during a full moon night and try to connect with nature . Feel the energy around you . Absorb the moonlight into you . You can listen to music while you are doing this . It has a better result. When you are trying to meditate do it with a lot of focus and will power .
This is your body , your life your mind . Act like you own it . Spirits cannot invade your thoughts and mind unless you give them permission. Be strong and have will power . Command it to go away . Tell it that it’s not welcome here
You should fight back in such situations
I also recommend buying a moonstone or amethyst to protect you . It can also heighten your senses and the moonstone can help you open your third eye . The moonstone can protect you even when you are travelling at night . If you’re a woman it can also balance your menstrual cycle.
You can burn incense and have some lavender flowers or lavender oil . It helps to cleanse and maintain peace