Magick Induced Headache?

So one thing I’ve noticed is during any rituals I perform I seem to develop a headache. It seems directly related to the ritual as it starts just before I start the ritual, and will end soon after. Is this a normal occurence? Is it indicative of a magick-related problem like a parasite or an imbalanced chakra? Or is it just something that will go away over time as I perform more an more rituals?


A headache can be caused by an overload of energy so it is possible that either the influx from the ritual is too much (this will get better with practice), or you have a block that is obstructing the flow of the energy in your body so it rises up but then gets stuck in your head.

Doing some kind of light energy work before ritual should help to smooth things out.


It could be many factors, though from my understanding its usually either blockages, or too much fire energy in the higher region or imbalance.
If I had to take an educated guess it could be you blocking what you’re doing subconsciously, considering it happens just before and ends after the ritual. It could also be the dissolution of blockages.

How to figure out what it is ?

I started working with archangel Zadkiel day before yesterday ( petition / letter ) and since yesterday am feeling giddy for a few secs - only while lying on my bed and if I move my head to the other side. It’s only for a few secs and feels like the whole room is rotating.

I did request Archangel Zadkiel cleansing and clearing my head and remove any blockages in my energy

Yeah same here!
It’s always happened during my spell work to some degree but as I’ve started to do evocations recently it’s quite noticeably stronger like a really heavy headache with pressure too ( the kind that when you stand from sitting it throbs)
Previously I used to eat something and have a cup of green tea and it would dissipate but for the last couple of weeks I’ve been left with a residual ache that is only cured by sleeping .
I always do magick at night so I’m never far off going to bed thankfully .

Does yours go away after you sleep ?

I’m somewhat sure it would. I haven’t had one in a while (mostly due to lack of magick work), but I’ve never had one that lasted more than an hour or 2. So yeah, sleeping I guess would get rid of it in a way.

For me these were always related to too much of an energy buildup in the meridians and dantian energy centers of the head.

I’ve found actively closing down and grounding out the energy to either the earth or to the dantian in the solar plexus where the center can then distribute the extra energies where their needed helps alot.

If you don’t have a method for this already you can find a few examples in the list here.

If you’re asking me then yes

Actually mine was stress and neck issue - which I got checked by a doctor.

But yes too much energy drainage, no proper meditation and emotional stress causes some issues too.

But ground - always.

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