Magick friends

I want friends but I’m kind of in a situation that might make friendship a bit weird.

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How does a person PM?

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No just someone on the path of godhood as you are

Describe please

I more mean do you like tricksters and such fun antics cause if not well probably going to get real tired of my amusements.


Don’t mind a friend :slight_smile:

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Sadly I don’t know much about magic, still trying to understand it and trying to fix a situation.
So if we end up having a conversation, it will be more like me asking so many questions and you are getting annoyed hahaha

It takes a lot for me to get annoyed quickly… usually only happens if I’d make a suggestion or recommendation and it gets ignored and I ask how that worked out and I know it wasn’t attempted


Then I guess, we can have a conversation, hahaha
I am all open to suggestions and guidance in this process


Always need friends, the more the merrier it all goes. :slight_smile: I’m not the most experienced but I’m still learning. That’s if you don’t mind a gal as a platonic friend. :woman_shrugging:


At first I was skeptical of your power. But your beard clearly speaks to your credentials


It’s all good with me❗️This time around I’ve gotten quite a lot of responses so I’m glad I can be of help.


I’ve got to love that response!


Many thanks to everyone who has wrote me so far! I’m having some very great conversations. This offer is still open to a few yet unless I need to pull this post. In all fairness to everyone who has wrote me I want to be able to share of myself genuinely and with the necessary time it takes to put forth a thoughtful response.


Can I pm you. Thanks

I would like a magick friend! I’ve never had one before. I don’t know how to PM on here so you can pm me first if you would like and I can respond back!

I am a herditary witch from a bloodline. I have been a witch since birth and a medium. My daemons have been with me since birth but trials and tribulations in my life have built confusion. I have just recently discovered the ‘names’ of the spirits who have been with me. I have loads of crazy stories. That I can write a book on I’m sure.


Always trying to find more people into black magick. :raised_hands:t2:

Welcome @Travis.Keehan. I see you joined us back in November of 2018 but haven’t yet introduced yourself. Please make your next post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you may have. It is a rule of this forum and not optional.