Magick friends


Occasionally I extend an offer on here to meet new “friends” this is for the purpose of exchanging ideas :bulb:, help in magick endeavors and learning from one another. In the past I’ve meet some incredible people on here that I’m in regular contact with. This friendship extends to more than just chatting on here but can include phone conversations and emails or whatever personal contact is mutually beneficial and agreeable to the both of us.

I’ve got 20 years of study and practice of the occult and metaphysics. The last two years my efforts have been squarely focused on building up my relationship with goeatia spirits, and in particular with the goddess Bune and Lord Belial. I maintain daily contact with Lucifer and this relationship I know will be forever without end. It’s quite wonderful and the fulfillment of everything one could ever hope for or dream of.

I’m looking to exchange some ideas with some others to do work with thought forms and servitors in the very near future.

If you’d welcome a close personal friendship with a fellow magician send a PM or comment in here if you’d like. :sunglasses:

In Godlike power


I cannot PM.


I’m always looking for more friends!


Trickster or not?


I want friends but I’m kind of in a situation that might make friendship a bit weird.

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How does a person PM?

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No just someone on the path of godhood as you are

Describe please

I more mean do you like tricksters and such fun antics cause if not well probably going to get real tired of my amusements.


Don’t mind a friend :slight_smile:

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Sadly I don’t know much about magic, still trying to understand it and trying to fix a situation.
So if we end up having a conversation, it will be more like me asking so many questions and you are getting annoyed hahaha

It takes a lot for me to get annoyed quickly… usually only happens if I’d make a suggestion or recommendation and it gets ignored and I ask how that worked out and I know it wasn’t attempted


Then I guess, we can have a conversation, hahaha
I am all open to suggestions and guidance in this process


Always need friends, the more the merrier it all goes. :slight_smile: I’m not the most experienced but I’m still learning. That’s if you don’t mind a gal as a platonic friend. :woman_shrugging:


At first I was skeptical of your power. But your beard clearly speaks to your credentials


It’s all good with me❗️This time around I’ve gotten quite a lot of responses so I’m glad I can be of help.


I’ve got to love that response!


Many thanks to everyone who has wrote me so far! I’m having some very great conversations. This offer is still open to a few yet unless I need to pull this post. In all fairness to everyone who has wrote me I want to be able to share of myself genuinely and with the necessary time it takes to put forth a thoughtful response.


Can I pm you. Thanks

I would like a magick friend! I’ve never had one before. I don’t know how to PM on here so you can pm me first if you would like and I can respond back!