Magick Fiiiiiight

It has come to my attention that a practitioner may be targeting me. I’m going to go ahead and make sure that I do my due diligence and reflect that shit back, 10x. Or is that too lenient? Should I really crank up the volume and see what happens?

We are all connected, at the molecular level, through ancestry, and spiritually. We are one. But sometimes we need to give a piece of that interconnected whole a kick in the pants to get them back on track. =)

Also, anyone want to get in on this?


Hahaha I’ll help ya

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Wow…just…wow. From what I can tell, not the wisest course of action…really?

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Well if your looking to build active defences as well this may be of use.


Thank you. This one’s going in the file, for sure, regardless of whether I use it tonight. Blue is a recurring theme lately so I feel like it’s not total coincidence. And I happen to have 4 actual swords that I use in various practice.

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In this case you could energetically trace the symbol of jupiter across their hilts, similar to tracing pentagrams for the lbrp but for imprinting energy on am object. Though if you use them for other ritual work it may not be advisable due to possible energetic conflict.