Magick circles

Does anyone know where to buy Magick Circles online? I cannot seem to find anyone that sells them, I think the BALG ones are so over priced.

make your own , i did with a round table cloth


It is weird, whenever I make my own stuff I don’t like it and it bothers me when I do ritual and look at it LMAO. I am not a crafty person and my hand writing/ drawing are not good. So as I do ritual I look at things (as much as sigils) and have this little thought in the back of my mind, “that looks terrible” lolol. I have noticed that when I purchase the nicer stuff I tend to feel more empowered buy it. If I have to make them I will, Just want to find one first. Thanks @Eye_of_Ra

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I was looking to find the Universal Circle :slight_smile:

That’s patented by ea.
It’s expensive but I’m glad I got it. Could be a bit bigger though space is kinda limited.

It’s the best you’re going to find tbh I found the other ones with Hebrew god names around and the spirits don’t like that type of thing.
And other ones out are for very specific systems not “universal” for any system

oh, idk. you might have to look around for that.


The one I made connected to Azazel has worked for anything i need.

but Lucifuge also gave me a neat one.

Yea i was gonna say I wouldnt want to copy anyones work

but i seem to have a nack for circles. :slight_smile:

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My two cents are “don’t need em, don’t use em.” Whether you like your own work or not, I still recommend you make your own. Individual tweaking can be difficult when you are working with something someone else made

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Yes you’re correct. I have never used one, I literally use my small bedroom with a candle and a sigil… Nothing at all and evoke all day long…, however I enjoy the ritual experience. It’s really not based on a need, it’s a want.

I asked Belial to get me an apartment with more then 1 bedroom so I can have a nice clean temple dedicated to workings. So I want to make it look the part ya know?


sometimes i use them and sometimes i dont. it depends.
i do make as much of my own stuff as i can.
but i dont see a problem with getting things from others either. I love to shop yard sales and thrift stores for candles and candle holders. things to use as altar cloths. its fun to go treasure hunting :slight_smile:


And make sure to have a fire extinguisher nearby and plenty of ventilation! Smoke even from decent quality incense is still dangerous. If it sets off your smoke detector, then you’re using too much. Carbon monoxide poisoning is no joke. Fire safety is no joke. Watch the candles!