Magick circle

Hi everybody,
do you think is possible to cast a circle with the Arcana Minor of Crowley’s tarots and the triangle of evocation with the Arcana Major?

I’m sure it’s possible, but that is not the key question. You can cast a circle with anything really, the question is why would you use the deck for that. I’m not saying it’s bad, but why do you want to do that, and why haven’t you done it already and found out if it’s indeed possible.
Everything you do in magick you need to ask yourself, why i’m i doing this, why do the rituals i do work. You need to try to understand what each part of the ritual represent, and what happens if certain parts where removed.

So ask yourself what is the circle and the triangle, and what is the deck. Then come to a logical conclusion if you find something interesting to combine.

Possible, sure, but what’s the point? As was already mentioned, what’s the reasoning behind your thinking? Hell, you don’t even need a circle. I don’t use one in my work.

Thanks for your reply.
I was thinking to use it as focus for my mind.
And because when I handle that deck a feel great energy, so I was thinking it could empower my works

Read Portable Magick by Donald Tyson. It’s all about using the Tarot for casting circles and ritual.

Forum member tiberius_james posted some info on that recently here. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!!!