Magick Charging on jewelry

I’ve been working with my Goddess Lilith since a month ago. I wanna bring her to me in all ways as could be possible. This is the reason because I need some guidace about this: Is it possible charge rings during my work with Lilith? All posting about it will be welcomed. Thanks a lot!


Yes you can. You can take this to the nth degree
Download Amazon Kindle.
Look for the book
Griomire of Arts
By Bryan Lovering

Read the section on Ring of Transference
It talks about making a ring Lilith so you can bear her children


Thanks a lot! @Micah

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What would you like in the ring specifically? If its simply a gateway to Lilith, project into the ring and open a portal to her, either one way or both ways according to what you want.

Either have her do it for you or I’ll do it if you can’t do it on your own. Actually I recommend having her do it regardless.


Could we talk in private? @thatrandomguy