“Magicians” Prove A Spiritual World Exists or Just Cheap Special Effects?

“Magicians” Prove A Spiritual World Exists - Demonic Activity Caught On Video (New Edition)

Besides the overtly “Christian” message in this video I wonder:

(So-called) Demonic Activity? Really?
Supernatural Abilities? Really?
“Selling your soul to the devil.” Really?

Most of these tricks have a scientifically explainable origin. I have yet to be able to levitate, teleport

At 1:35:58 E.A. is even mentioned in the video.

And the “Desmond” demon? Uh huh…

False Prophets and False “Christs”? Really?

At 2:14:32 E.A. is mentioned again! Become a Living God!

David Blaine has a “Death Wish”.

There is too much blurring of women in this video. They’re not even nude!

I don’t know. This video was too preachy to me. Even though, it has a lot of great clips and some good info.

Anything is possible. Nothing is impossible.


I’ve seen this video several times and it impressed me … I always watch magical videos and I’m amazed at what they can do, and many use camera tricks like Chris Angel and Dynamo … but this is the secret of magic, to make people not find out how he did it, but I think it’s just tricks … demons can not do that, I think. Why would anyone use spirits or demons to do magic while being able to do other things with that? There is an illusionist that I really like to watch, he’s called Shin Lim, take a look at his videos, but it’s just tricks and many years of studies …
But I confess that when I saw this video I started to believe in certain things … but as you said, nothing is impossible, right?


Many of the magicians mentioned in this youtube vid are world famous and attract much attention. The whole reason that it is presented in this light is to attract an audience and gain hits for publicity and money.

Taking a Xian slant on things is nothing new, controversy sells, magic sells, gaining dollars and hits is the magic that commercial magicians practice as harmless stunts and having nothing to do with demon spirits performing the ritual of gaining attention and perhaps fame but hard work and well crafted illusion.