Magical protection by Damon Brand

I did a search of the forum and found general threads about protection but no threads specific to this book so forgive if this a redundant topic.

I frequently see warnings from seasoned occultists to learn proper methods of protection, etc. I am wondering how powerful the rituals in this book are for that. I am most of the way through the master protection ritual and plan to continue doing the sword banishing daily. Is that enough? The book says you usually only need to do the master protection ritual one time in your life, but I don’t want to assume I am fullly protected at all times if that’s not the case.

I feel like I’ve really hit the ground running when it comes to my magical practice, and my senses have really opened up in the last couple months. I’m now at the point where I can definitely sense very strong unmistakable presence during ritual… but not quite at the point where I can discern for myself if the presence is the actual entity I think it is. So I’m wondering how much faith I should have in this particular book to protect from imposters and such.

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The book is extremely powerful for protection, perhaps even the most powerful out there. And the Banishing Ritual is really great and powerful as well, it will even protect you from magick you’ve recently cast that turns out to be dangerous, from my experience.

It doesn’t say once in your life, it says once every few years. I do the Master Protection Ritual ever year, it has many uses.

It will protect you from being harmed by them, although if you practice normal evocation and such then you may still get imposters in your rituals, but they cannot harm you.


Thanks for responding. Doing the master protection ritual annually definitely sounds like a good idea.

Interesting… is there a more specific method that you know of, for detecting imposters? Or would you say that’s just something that comes with time, as the psychic senses continue to open?


@anon48079295 May be able to help with that specifically.

I mostly work through the Gallery of Magick’s works, and I’ve never encountered any imposter from working with their works. Outside of their works I have only once encountered an imposter as far as I can tell, and the spirit that came to me felt VERY different. Like it was almost awkward. So the feeling of them told me quite clearly it wasn’t who I was trying to call. Now I have better methods of calling to a deity so I haven’t encountered another since.

But if you work with the GoM’s works, you won’t find an imposter. This is something they’ve also made clear.


@DarkestKnight may also be able to help with that, as he’s worked a lot in the Ceremonial Magick tradition.

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The way I detect imposters is by scanning them if I can’t use my clairs to see them I use them to scan them, if I evoke Nyx and I get an entity who isn’t literal dark energy like she is you can tell from that, or if I want to evoke or meet Zadkiel whose energy is a violet light and an imposter shows up whose energy is nothing like it than yeah.


Impostors are generally easy enough to detect because they give themselves away by refusing to give answers to direct questions. For example, when asked to identify themselves, instead of coming right out and saying, “I am King Belial,” an impostor will say something like, “You know who I am,” or “I am the king of the Earth.” They will use titles, and try to make you feel like you offended them just by asking for their bonafides. Think of the way self-important people behave when someone asks them for ID.

They also talk big and make outrageous promises. In ceremonial magick, it’s believed that a spirit can only draw its own seal when asked, so one method of confirming identity is to demand the spirit draw its seal in the air. An impostor will usually bluster, and prevaricate, making threats, to avoid doing it. No true demon or angel will ever refuse to identify itself when asked to do so.

In my personal opinion, impostor spirits are fairly rare, because there are consequences for pretending to be another, more powerful, spirit. Word gets around, and Belial, King Paimon, and Lucifer, have been known to hunt down and destroy any lesser being that tries to masquerade as them.


I appreciate the detailed response, and it’s good to know that asking spirits to identify themselves usually works. I might just need to be patient and work on opening my senses up more… right now when I ask questions I don’t hear exact words at all. I just get super intense sensations of vibration and a sense of there being a presence… I’m just now starting to get little snippets of visions. It feels like communication to me since I can feel the energy change in different ways when I speak to it in my mind, but I’m definitely not getting full phrases in response.

The ongoing thread about Whether or not Lilith is a parasite, or her potentially having a potent imposter, is one of the things that made me start to wonder. I’m doing the master protection ritual and yet… my experiences with her so far have almost been too close to what I expected.

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It’s saved me from some stuff in big ways, perhaps more I’m not aware of

Some technique Polish: With each request really go into what each one feels like with images and words in your head and more importantly feel each imagination.

You’re transmitting information via emotion and angelic aspects speak emotion. Get a bit creative with each working and really cover a lot of ground

When you ask “Grant me the power to express my will” think about surpassing sticking points in discipline, procrastination, fear of rejection, inability to assert yourself, or get things done.

Think of going for the sale, kissing the girl during the romantic moment even if you’re shy, crossing off your to do list and going “done!” all for that one power.

The ritual is actually an extreme general enhancement rite that slaps some serious ham.

Each one has extreme potential to the point of absurdity. Really get into it because they’ll shift reality to match those emotions

Get creative, it’s one of the best rites they published and not just for protection.

“Let the force of my will overcome all terrors?”
Damn immaculate wording there. Imagine walking your life path and having bad stuff run screaming from you just by your 1% effort being used. Anything that stays you just have to take action and it’s resolved because “all terrors”

Combined with always expressing your will? And through magick? Insane protection just by being you


I love this turn of phrase, my friend :laughing:


Truer words have not been spoken. It’s a brilliant ritual. Just that one ritual makes the book worth it. It will even improve all your magick, and I’ve seen its effects. Say everything like you mean and you’re going to see serious results.


Yeah, I agree w/ all of this and then some. I actually do the Master every few months because I like it.
I also love the practicality of the banishing. No pentagrams/ movement needed. Just memorize the names and images of the 4 powers, Yohach, Kalach, Natzariel, and Oziel- and your done. I usually do it in the car on my way to work, when I get to work, and then again before any meditation, trance work, evocation, etc…
It’s money for sure. I haven’t really dug into the situation specific rituals the way I should…but I’m sure they’re just as effective.


I must say, I completed the master protection ritual a few days ago, and it definitely feels as if a weight has been lifted. I had assumed the benefits were coming day by day as I did the ritual but I really noticed a big shift in energy just as I was done the whole thing.


What do we know about the Names/Powers invoked in the rituals of this book? Or, I suppose, what source material would you point me toward, to read about them myself? I like to get to know an entity before calling on it, especially for something as potentially important as protection magick. (Assuming it’s not ‘original’ channeled material by Brand himself? idk)

Look into the “Genii of the 12 hours of Nuctemeron”

Same pantheon as Nitika which everyone who uses nap is familiar with. Sisera, genius of Desire, Jazar, genius who compels love

Very potent entities in my experience

Definitely not original. Even if it were, it would be big enough to be a real current anyway by now

They’re like a hybrid hive mind of various angels for a different purpose. I’ll be digging into the lore deeper soon


Aha. I’d heard of the Genii before, good to be kicked in their direction once again. Yes, I remember Haven at least from my prior skimming-over of the book. I look forward to what material you are able to assemble of them.

I suppose my original curisoity was mostly of the entities referenced in the Sword banishing, if you (or someone else) happened to know about them?

I’ve also tried looking into that. It seems the source material for Yohach and Kalach are not readily available in English, it seems they are known in the Kabbalah but apparently in a rare text.


Oziel is known as the Angel of change derived from the 42 letter name

Not sure if that’s the same angel since even the Shem Angels from the 72 letter name have the exact same name root yet are different beings. Odd math stuff

You’ll need a $2000 rabbinical tome and need to be able to read Hebrew to really get into it unless you know a genuine occult scholar


Yes it can be a bit complicated, as within the 72 Names, some of the 72 Names are the same names, yet considered to be different. For example, two of the names are ‘Vehu’, and are written the same, yet they are considered separate names. So even the root is considered to be different at points.