Magical life hacks?

Looking around on the forum here, and a bunch of other forums, websites, and e-books, i’ve never really seen any talk about the little things that can have a big impact on a person’s life. So i thought i’d share a little trick that i use (yeah it’s probably prety common) and i hope that anyone else who’s found any little “life hacks” of their own will share them as well.

keeping warm when you have nothing to keep you warm:

A trick that may be useful (specially during this winter season) is to project your internal energy around your body to form an insulating layer, it may not shield you from the wind, but it’ll blunt the bite, and it’ll allow you to be more comfortable in colder conditions. My personal method is to breathe slowly and deeply for a few breaths and visualise that breath drawing energy from the stomach up through the lungs, out through the mouth or nose, and have it shroud me in a warm airy flame.

Anyone got any tricks they use in daily life to just make things easier?

I remember ling time ago a sun drawed seal spike,and recite a pray,to keep warm, i tnk it was a wicca book, u method is similar,tis mixing whit the seal,

i hadn’t heard of that, this is just a variation on techniques i learned as a kid from my martial arts instructor (took a while to learn these actualy work though).

Controlling one’s body temperature is a basic ability, which I’ve been able to do for years. There’s actually an entire school of yoga dedicated to it…

As far as other things you can do, there are techniques that will temporarily shut down your body’s limits so that you can move beyond them. For example, you could learn to reduce swelling or fever by concentrating, or to keep moving without feeling pain even when grievously injured, or to lift heavy objects despite torn muscles, or to appear to have crazy endurance despite being dead-tired, or to control the content of your own dreams… Some of these techniques are closer to self-hypnotism than true “magic.”

Then there is this whole other class of techniques that is reportedly able to control the senses and experience of OTHER people – these are completely beyond me for the moment.

I have listened to apparently credible first-hand accounts of practitioners being able to “freeze” or “paralyze” a fully awake, conscious, and alert person by simply standing near them, or to forcibly direct a complete stranger across town using only psychic communication.

Those all sound pretty cool, the self-healing i’ve been working on myself again recently, and the temperature control is indeed very basic and extremely easy, but the idea behind this thread was to see if anyone had other basic, easy, and most importantly useful techniques they were willing to share that others can use in normal day-to-day life situations, i picked the temperature trick because of how laughably easy it is to pull off, you can even do it when you’re caught short and freezing your balls off, and that’s what makes it and other similarly easy thing so ueeful.

I’m working on one that would make you more attractive to the opposite sex, regardless of actual appearance. Would that work?

Anything that works and is useful, i don’t see anyone complaining about being more attractive.