Magical interference & separating your microcosm from others

First things first: if you hold to some sort of objectivist, rationalistic, physicalist notion of metaphysics,t hat is, of the ultimate nature of reality, then please either close this window now, or keep your intellectual infantilism to yourself.

I’ve been thinking about the ideas of the microcosm, free will, autonomy etc. quite a bit in the last week, spurred on by questions posed in these forums, trying to get at the root of why it is so easy to cause events to transpire by ritual when taken as generalities, but sometimes so difficult to achieve such desires when targeting a specific person. Now, if we can for a moment focus on the microcosm. Regarding some sort of notion of a ‘multiverse’ and universes branching off from one another, I’m faced with the following difficulty: if X, which I am experiencing, branches off into Xa, of which I am conscious, and Xb, of which I am not conscious, then what exactly am “I” in Xb? Clearly this is not actually “I” at all, or at least, with logical certainty, the two persons in Xa and Xb resembling the one in X are not identical. But, for certain, the I (I am speaking here of the true, spiritual self, not the transient ego, that transcendent being through which the temporal world flows, not that life which flows with it) in Xa is identical with that in X. Now, one might say that the identity “split”, so to speak, but this is absurd for me, once again by basic principles of logic, since this would imply Xa = X & Xb = X, implying further that Xa = Xb, which is obviously not the case. The conclusion that I draw from this is that this “person” in Xb is not really spiritually autonomous at all, but a mere lifeform. To bolster this argument I suggest that the universe branches upon a decision of the will that comes from outside of the universe to change it, and there can be, in the moment of this decision, one and only one decision that is made, and it is the universe that leads from this decision which the true self “follows”. In other words, the will in X decided upon Xa, not upon Xb, which is a potentiality that exists, but is not part of my microcosm which is now Xa.

So, what does this have to do with anything? Well, I’m thinking that all these microcosms exist out there, and they overlap and interfere with one another wherever autonomous existences meet, but that the humans existing about one are, within ones own microcosm, ones own branch of the multiverse, not necessarily conscious, willing, spiritual beings (such as they aren’t, generally, in ones dream world, although they might be!), and that one can, in fact, remove ones universe from those “humans” who are, thus circumventing any “free will” and changes to ones own reality coming from such.

It would seem to me that the more one changes ones reality with magic, and magic that goes contrary to entrenched group expectations of it, the more one is removing ones branch of the multiverse from all others, ultimately becoming the “God” of it, a necessarily “lonely” existence, because Godhood implies omnipotence and omnipotence implies being the sole power, and thus the one and only “God”. And this is part of the reason why, despite all magic basically being the same, it is the little, innocuous things that are at first easiest to change, but put together build such momentum that it becomes increasingly easier to change anything - there is less and less interference from other persons as one progresses down this route.

This is the decision for me. I can be part of this herd, mingling with the other microcosms, c’est la vie, or I can say sayonara, take it away, and meet only with those with whom I wish to out of choice. Waking reality is consensus reality, it is the reality of the masses, the herd, and it is my goal to contradict that consensus and blur the line, ever more, between this"illusion" that is forced on me by mindless idiots, and the unlimited reality of dreams.

Dude, youve been a on a roll these past couple days, hell yeah!

Thanks, this helps answer some questions that arose in recent experiences that I’ve been mulling over. Maybe this topic came about in my microcosm simply because I was thinking of it so much.

This really hit home wih me, as of late I’ve been having dreams of dying but in the dreams the death takes me to another level of consciousness that was my own but foreign to me. Like I transpose my consiousness into a book I’m reading, by making the characters come alive in my mind they share a part of my consciousness, when I put that book away they cease to exist but do not die because they then join back to my consciousness. Kind of like a collective or hive because not only did I give them my conscious attributes while reading about them I also received their personality or potential as a character or on a deeper level the traits of the author who initially created them. The authors influence directly impacts my consciousness and to a degree joins mine.

Perhaps we are different collective consciousnesses of our soul each living dependent existences until we become aware of each other or at least each others possibility or potential existence. Then the very idea that we can affect them makes the possibility real. By affecting one we possibly have an effect on the others to varying degrees. Just as a book on a shelf has the potential to effect different consciousnesses to varying degrees when it has its own that that was influenced by countless others before it was ever written. Like a web of conscious and unconscious influence that carries over to different people lives and possibly heir multiple realities.

if X, which I am experiencing, branches off into Xa, of which I am conscious, and Xb, of which I am not conscious, then what exactly am "I" in Xb? Clearly this is not actually "I" at all, or at least, with logical certainty

What if you are an extension of Xb’s subconscious allowing more freedom to exercise your will than Xa or X? You know on a deeper level what your capable of which could explain your theory that in certain realities one does not have free will and is the byproduct of the decisions of other realities. Perhaps these people are mixed into multiple realities and are the ones who are less prone or seem incapable of independent thought and more or less follow the herd.

Not sure if this makes sense, this stuff easily gets too deep to follow or explain without a roadmap.

The idea is interesting, and so LHP. RHP is unity, you’re speaking about absolute isolation from this existence don’t you? Wouldn’t be that what you get when conquering the Crown of the Kliffot? Universe B?

After you achieve unity LHP and RHP don’t really apply anymore. If you have achieved unity then not only have you dissolved into the Absolute but the Absolute has dissolved into to you, the door of duality swings both ways.

Which direction are you going soundwave?

After you achieve unity LHP and RHP don’t really apply anymore. If you have achieved unity then not only have you dissolved into the Absolute but the Absolute has dissolved into to you, the door of duality swings both ways.[/quote]

I agree with all that except that I feel at that point is where Left or Right come into play the most. The strict right will choose union with that absolute power and strive to go no further and the strict left will choose to try to surpass it and become their own form of absolute. I consider myself a middle/grey practioner seeking balance of both sides and has left me contemplating what I’ll do when I reach that state.

The idea of the LHP being one of isolation always makes me think of that Poke Runyon quote about Karlsson’s work:"…if the black magician delves deep enough into the Klippothic mysteries he can make himself a God. In this he may be right - but he would be a very lonely God…and that’s the hell of it."

Personally I find lots of atraction to the LHP even now I consider myself a begginer with succeses in magick grey-oriented minded at the moment

As do I, I enjoy the personal responsibility, lack of karmic implications, and independent views seem to resonate deeply with me.

I just think one has to be able to balance both sides to truly master ones self.

I’m not talking about Kabbalah. Kabbalah is just a construct. This has nothing to do with any “Universe B”. The “Tree of Life” is just a crutch, and if you’re using this idea, you’re still tying yourself to others.

I arrive back on the material plane with 2 gems among many.
Firstly I am the All and the All is me, all interaction is an interaction between different “parts” of Self.
Secondly the Absolute due to its infinite nature contains within it all possible moments.

I move through reality pursuing my own will as I see fit, but if I am the Absolute and the Absolute contains within it all possibility then I therefore am acting with the Will of the Absolute. Where is right and where is left?

My observation is that many people struggle with the RHP because they are under the perception that they need to live a certain way and show some form of devotion to “God”. The reality is that the Absolute is beyond conception and beyond duality. It doesn’t care how you live or what you believe, it simply IS.

I seek to elevate myself on the physical plane whilst also elevating the human race as a whole. The deeper I go the more I see humanity as being critical to pursuing my own limitlessness. I actualise this goal by deepening my understanding and integration with the Absolute whilst still expressing and experiancing my self as an individuised shard of reality.