Magical Dynamics of Meat-Eating

The recent troll incident has made me think that this would be a good discussion topic.

Personally, I elect to be an omnivore. I am aware that, once an animal is slain, any personal power not sacrificed to the slaughterhouse gods remains rooted within the flesh. Thus, when one specifically seeks and consumes powerful meat, they grow- however slightly, nonetheless, it is still a path of power.

So, what is your magical stance on the process of eating another’s flesh, organs, etc.? Do you or do you not eat meat? Why?

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Having spent several years shunning meat, eggs, and fish, I know that I feel at the peak of emotional and spiritual well-being after eating a large grass-fed steak, or some liver, or oily fish.

This has been proven (by me) time and again, and it’s not to do with anemia because I give blood regularly and was never anemic even without meat, so I suspect it’s probably the residual life-force in the flesh.

I also have plenty of rational and ethical reasons for eating meat, but that’s not what you’re asking. :slight_smile:

I tend to stay away from all processed meats. Still eat meat, just I buy from local organic farms instead of large super market chains (the same as all my fruit and veg). This might go off topic a little but it’s worth mentioning, I did a dynamic chakra opening excercise the other day as part of my training (I did it just before I went to sleep and had some vivid dreams too). When I woke up the next day I took notes on my change in perception which is too long to post here. I when to make breakfast that morning, which was a large amount of bacon and eggs, I started with fruit which was interesting given my new perspective, everything felt more vivid and when I bit into an apple I felt an entirely new sense of eating. It got interesting when I got to the bacon though, as I could feel the “life force” as you call it draining from the bacon and becoming absorbed into my body (I felt this even after I had swallowed it). My point here is, I had two entirely different sensations when I ate fruit and meat, neither was “better” but I got the feeling that I needed both (a good balance) to function properly. If anything, I’d reccomend doing the exercise yourself, open chakras and get a new perspective and then try eating different foods and take note of how you feel about them, might give you some more info.

well my family have farms,when i go there,i eat fresh meat,still hot…
bovine meat and fresh fishes that i fish
fresh meat is good,bloody,so fresh that the fatness is a little bit yellow…

bovine meat and fish,only.
that’s the fresh food!

I like to hunt my meat. It’s primal and raw.