Magical defense against curses/hexes

How does it actual work with magical defenses? If I for instance summon a spirit to protect me from magick would the spirit by its own find way how to protect? If the curse is for instance bad luck would I then use an amulet to banish? I see many topics about protection in normally daily life but rarely from magick.

Like any force, there are many ways a curse can be dealt with. It can be absorbed, for example, or redirected, or sent back to the sender, or used to feed an offensive servitor, or grounded out, etc.

Amulets are a passive form of defense and are usually used to achieve a general effect. For example, an amulet of protection will not necessarily protect you from something specific, like, say, a hurricane, but it would against something like bad luck, random accidents, or general bad circumstances.


And its essential to know specific what kind of curse?

So its not possible to create an amulet with the intention to deflect or keep away all kind of curses?

Yes, you can create an amulet specifically to defend against curses. However, general protection is never as complete as specific protection. For example, a curse that gives you everything you have ever wanted until it destroys you through excess will go right past a general protection amulet because the energy would not be read as negative even if its effect in your life is. An amulet against curses would also not stop any malevolent entities sent against you.

No, it is not essential but it can be helpful in your defense. A death curse will hit harder than a general bad luck curse, for example. An amulet might be able to stop bad luck, but a powerful death curse could break the amulet.


What about crystals? I have for instance a crystal that can be programmed to absorb negative energy and transform it to positive.

Crystals can be overpowered as well. Any type of ward can if the incoming attack is powerful enough.

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To add to @DarkestKnight reply, it helps to have a regular banishing or some sort of protective ritual that you do daily/weekly/monthly.

Have Servitors programmed to alert you to potential incoming attacks so that you have enough time to put up your other defences(on your home, workplace, relationship, car etc).

So its better if the attack can be predicted and then be cleaned or banished by a ritual?

What is a servitor?

If you use the search function you’ll find endless posts about them.

It’s a spirit that the magician creates to fulfil any desire.

A thoughform. I have been little skeptical about them as they require to be “feed” to keep existing.

Ultimately it’s up to you, but many magicians create their own servitors to great effect. Like everything, it takes practice.

Thought forms are different in construction but can do the same thing. You just have to see what works for you.

I recommend doing it whenever you need to go out or prepare yourself for magickal workings, such as ceremonial rites and whatnot.

Lifftoach Pandemium, et germinet Zepar (11x)

Mighty Duke Zepar, conjure an astral armor that protects me from physical and spiritual threats, repelling any attacks of both natures. Your qliphotic steel guards me, and with it I am strengthened. Bring your crimson energy and lock any danger away. Keep me guarded!

Hevasthos Ykhe Ykhe Tenebh (11x)

It is done. Hail Zepar!

Enjoy :slight_smile:

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Is there a reason they are doing this instead of calling angels or demons?

Who said they weren’t? You can use any demon, spirit, angel you want as well as create servitors and thought forms.

So its not about what is better than the other?

is it some demonic tongue incantation for Zepar?

Yes, it means “open the infernal plane and bring Zepar forth”

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