Magical Currents List Compilation

So I was musing on the concept of “currents”, and came across this piece of writing:


Felt that piece was definitely worth sharing, as many magicians have no current they are working in, or as some on this forum have stated - spend all their time dabbling/grimmoire hopping, and never get anywhere. So there are some good insights.

But, back to my musing, I would like anyone who can share information about their current, to give its name and maybe a brief synopsis of what they do: a book they work in, a description, a website, an encyclopedia/wiki entry, etc.

I know there are a goodly amount of “number” currents that various people on the forum belong to, identifying as “XXX Current” or “YYY Current” or what have you. Others belong to certain lodges. So yea, it would be interesting to see a small compilation of currents along with enough details that those interested could seek more info. I would be happy to make the list clean/tidy if others will volunteer their info.


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