Magical combat

Can rage be used to empower defensive magick? There is a black witch I know have in mind to curse me… I became scared but it turned into rage because I’m tied of being scared.

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Of course. Dragon Quest calls it Tension.

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Was once a bystander in a battle of wills

The defendant was giving off so much rage in deflecting the attacking energy that it was harder to shield from the rage then the energy sparks

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What does that mean?

As I wasn’t the attacker or the defender

Just from the astral energy as an observer

The attack was focused

Harm / Attach to X do not harm people or pets around X

Where as X was just throwing rage around to deflect and tear at the attack

Energy version of Ricochet

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Yes rage can be used to empower defensive magick.

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Rage is great for baneful workings. The culmination of that sort of working is the focussed direction of the energy/energies. After completion of the working you should be utterly drained and maybe in need of a hot shower followed by a stiff drink. Distract yourself by keeping busy doing stuff, so your mind doesn’t dwell on what you’re just done. Every time you think of your Magick, bitch-slap yourself across the face: aversion therapy.