Magical Cash Book Gone Wrong :(

I made the ritual everything to the full and adviced 3 people to make it all the results are that every single one bankrupted including me I think the spirit is angry why the Hell did the ediots from the gallery of magick tell us to comand the spirit Nitika :frowning: I think I fucked up I also followed their ritual of the 3 Angels Elubatel Etusuel and the other one which I am sure that fucked up again. Please advice me guys my online busineses plumeted since those rituals. 3-4 months has passed since the rituals I burned the book and the sigils of the spirits and apologised but still have no money coming in :frowning:


Did you ask for a very big amount in the first ritual? Or just wealth without being specific? I’ve heard if you do that then spirits take away your current source of income since it doesn’t have the potential to give you what you ask for and replace it with something better , ofcourse you suffer in the process


Just try with another spirit, for me the magickal note book work dont got all the amount but got more then half, try with clauneck, duke bune, duke Astaroth, duke Barbatos, Duke Gremory, and maybe with bankcrupted situacion (king Belial) got more names but not, with my book right know.


I’ve used the Cashbook and called Nitika and other geniuses many times, and never have I experienced negative results with them. These spirits cannot hurt you, as the magick is well constructed.

If you read Wealth Magick, you will see that the authors very explicitly state, many times, that disruption is to be expected, particularly from the Omnipotence Transformation. I don’t know your situation, but I would encourage you to consider that your online business actually has a very poor potential, and that the angels are freeing you from it to pursue more lucrative endeavors.

The author states that he lost several freelance jobs during the working, which gave him time to pursue more profitable activities. If you are able to calm down and examine your situation, you will be lead to a solution if you continue working the magick.

This very situation is why I imagine the Gallery stopped selling Wealth Magick for some time. The magick is extremely potent and will cause disruption, as the Angels of Omnipotence greatly accelerate time, and that is not something that most people, especially those who are new to magick or approach it more casually, are capable of handling.

I’m not trying to be a dick, but you need to read the books thoroughly and contemplate what is being revealed to you, for pennies relative to its potential. Magick is not a trivial thing to be played with, Wealth Magick especially. If you are finding the experience to be too intense, then I’m sure that other spirits you work with who are skilled in financial matters can help you settle back into your old patterns of being.

Alternatively, if you find that my words have roused something within you, and that you tire of living the same life that you have been plodding through, then I would dare you to continue to dream, and to reject the meagre circumstances that you have been assigned. This is not the easy path, but if you can trust in the spirits and trust in yourself, you will succeed.

Whatever you choose, I wish you good fortune.


I’m diving into the workings as well and being an entrepreneur I’m facing the idea that there might be some setbacks along the way I might have to endure. That said, the team I’ve built is invaluable and are the greatest group I could ever hope to build an empire with. Even if the business entity tanks somehow (we just handled the FDA
coming in and shitting on everyone like they love to ourselvess instead of paying $50,000 to consultants. A variety of spirits helped this along - Belial, King Painon, Balam, and some familiars a
good friend has. We handled the mundane aspects on our own.)

I was in a bad high school band that sounded like we were trying to mix August Burns Red with the Chili Peppers with the bass player from Tower of Power. We worked so damn hard but looking back it was obvious we weren’t going anywhere despite having a raving fanbase from all over the city. Sometimes things are doomed from the get go. If you’ve got the right people, they can raise the right idea up to stardom. My current music is entirely different and poses a much better chance, especially now that 90% of what plays on the radio doesn’t have instruments in it… The old stuff would have people dazing off despite how much we put into it.

My company took on international customers and we’re working hard but I trust the magick and the angels behind it. If we need to take another direction or even put out another product entirely we have the foundation and the capacity to do so.

That’s unfortunate that OP’s internet business isn’t doing well. Feel free to PM me as I’d love to discuss what’s going on and I might be able to give an outside opinion from the perspective of both a consumer and a relatively successful entrepreneur.


Also, financial life got a little weird around when I first called in Nitika. Yet I always had what I needed (I used their spells for Make Your Money Go Further, and Money From Out Of The Blue multiple times to astounding effects.)

I aimed small, going for $300, sometimes just $100 to get the power flowing. Then I asked for a $1,000 result and one of my best friends just HANDS ME A GRAND out of nowhere because my car was having issues and he acted like it was obvious that I should take it.

(Again, I couldn’t ask for better people in my inner circles. I love them all. Dude is one of my business partners and that means his income was seized up along with mine because …that’s what the FDA does best.)

Question: Have you looked deeply into your relationship with money? I love the Gallery’s current and their book Angels of Alchemy could help Unearth any deep feelings about money. Most people who aren’t thriving have something going on. I did and didn’t realize it. If you aren’t all about their stuff I think Bune could help you with this. King Paimon could as well as he’s all about the mind and holding your value as high as possible and finance is directly related to personal value.

Hope things improve for you man. Like I said, PM me as I’d love to talk shop about options. I love the game for the sake if it and other people’s problems are always easier and more fun to solve than your own.



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I started with Wealth Magick 7 days ago. I have to say that my results have been amazing, so I don’t think that it is the book or the spirits itself.

As most people in this page said, the spirits will make you go through necessary and often uncomfortable experiences to give you what you want. You have to endure. It all comes down to your attitude. Keep your head high and know that you are receiving what you want. Sometimes that simple attitude of negating the defeat can create wonders in your life.

If you really think that things are not going the way you want, then try to call another spirit.

Again, it might just be that you had a lot of blockages in your life to achieve the things that you wanted. It is hard to see the big picture when you are in the state of despair, but you have to continue.

I advice you to follow the insights that you receive during this time. It can also be that this time has been especially hard for most people, but either ways, you have to continue


GoM system, especially the one in Damon Brand books, doesn’t work well for everyone. For some people it can bring amazing results, and for others it could cause disasters. I already explained that in another thread so no need to repeat it here.

Use the first ritual, petition for results, from “Demons of Magick” book. Every day for 11 days.

That should fix it.

Good luck,

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I gave Azazel a chicken the thing I got from was that I can use the infernal empire then he told me to believe more in myself then he told me to go away from magick and rely on my own for now and I had to unset my altars becouse of complaints from people. Is that him ?

I don’t think that was him at all. If you’re not skilled enough, I really suggest you don’t use this kind of communication. Not yet.

Books like “Demons of Magick” focus on results. Without getting too deep in the occult for beginners. Start simple, then take one step at a time.

For now, you don’t need full evocations or complicated ceremony. Concentrate on getting results.


A lot of money magick fizzles because you’re too worried about the results. It’s not easy to detach yourself when you badly need money. I’ve done this a few times and only after I stopped worrying, things started to change.
Also look out for opportunities put in front of you. Often we expect the money from a likely source and then out of the blue a new opportunity is put in front of us and we don’t notice. Just happened to me and my business partner. Lots of clients suddenly had cash flow issues and didn’t pay.
We changed and are now charging before we do the work. And then a client was about to lose his business. He spent a lot of other people’s money. We took the business over, met the right people to run it, offered ownership percentages and after one month it has already turned around. Make sure you keep your eyes open and pay attention to the mundane world or you miss those opportunities. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The spirits do their job just fine. I remember a lot of posts from you, I think it’s not the spirit here.


I’d just like to note that I don’t believe the spirits are designing hardships for you to endure and forcing you through them, but bringing challenges that would have inevitably occurred into your life more quickly than they otherwise would. This seems to happen the most when working with a spirit that has powers over time, such as the Angels of Omnipotence.

Thankfully, the spirits are also able to guide you through the situation, but it does take a degree of confidence and trust in the process. If you had performed magick aimed at long-term financial growth without accelerating time, things would unfold much more slowly. This would give you more time to think things through and work through opportunities/solutions, but the potential for growth would be vastly diminished.

In my own experiences with these angels, as well as Metatron and Lucifer (who also manipulate time), the major work that needs to be done is internal, rather than external. Similar to what @Norski mentions, there are often internal blockages that need to be worked through to allow for a state of greater wealth, and these beings can help you do that more quickly than normal.

Beyond blockages, much of the internal work revolves around knowing what you actually want, something that can be more difficult to discern once you know that you have the power to choose any life that you desire. To quote the book, “Wealth comes from actively living out your true will. When you are living the life you truly desire, wealth comes to you.” I believe this to be the most important idea in the entire book, and much of the magickal process revolves around this, specifically in relation to your desires involving wealth.


yes I did

Thank you for all the answers I have to put in here that they are indeed changing me inside but I didn’t do the connection. I asked nitika for 2000 btw! and forgot to mention I also summoned Raziel along the 3 angels of omnipotence. And like that boom :smiley: from like 500-600 a month to 0. I sell online products btw which I believe the spirits can make more clients.

I did a ritual with asteroth and the very next day my stimulus check came in, idk if that’s a coincidence, maybe asteroth sped up the process…idk

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This is the book that led me to finally write off Damon Brand! I really have to wonder if those Amazon reviews are authentic. Damon Brand’s stuff are one disaster after another. I wouldn’t use them if they were for free.

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I’ve only ever had excellent things come from them.