Magic works ( but will take a different manifestation)

Well … I have to say that I feel like a jerk but I wonder if anyone like this sometimes has this​:laughing::laughing:
I recently cried like a bitch here before some weeks that my magic wasn’t working etc …
But today I found out that most of my magical actions worked …
what a dumb fuck … it’s interesting how magic results shows up and suddenly you don’t realize that this is actually your magic. Did you have that too?

just an example: When you are out of work and you make a spell for money, then expect a job in which you receive the amount than you come to the money just like that in streets.
Moreover, today I have a holiday and I am in a good mood so I will throw a good joke here that improved my day.

At the bar one guy starts yelling at another. “Dude, I fucked your mom.” The whole bar goes silent, waiting for the other’s reaction, but he is silent. The first screams again: “I fucked your mom …”. The other one is still nothing. The first one is roaring totally outrageously: "You hear what I’m saying, you asshole, I fucked your mom …"and the other will finally say, “Please, Dad, go home, you’re terribly drunk.”


Magick tends to manifest once you have given up on it lol

Lust for results can be a bitch sometimes :slight_smile:

Congratulations on the success!


Thats why I don’t respond to the majority of these “Magick isn’t working for me” threads anymore :point_up:t2:

Anyway, congrats :slight_smile:

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Told ya!! Congrats.



Hahaha…joke was kinda funny…Btw congrats…:stuck_out_tongue:



haha true !!

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Happens to me all the time I did all these spells to Get a job at a specific company and didn’t get it , started working for another company , after few months I realised my current job has all the qualities I wanted which made me believe the previous company was the idiol place !

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I know right? how does one know one’s magic spell is working if you don’t have access to feedback. Let’s say you cast spells on some people and you no longer interact with them, how does one know the spells are working? If you don’t know it’s working, how can you fulfill your end of the gift to them demons? One probably have to gift the demons your said agreement at some point because you don’t want them demon to be angry. however, you still don’t know if the demons fulfill your request.

You cast spells to bring more friends into your life. maybe demon did brings friends in your vicinity, you just didn’t act to introduce yourself to the person. there was this lady that wore the same color blue top and same black pants. It’s like seeing myself for the day as the colors shades matched up. I looked at her but didn’t say anything as she was younger. After the fact, i think it was a sign. I should of said hello and try to be her friend. now i’ll never know. rare that you meet someone who wear same color shade clothing as you. Darn, miss an opportunity.

Usually you will hear about the target via synchronicity. EA discusses this in his book Baneful Magick. If you use magick to affect someone, even if that person is no longer in your life, the universe will let you know in some way. For example, EA found out his curse was successful 2 years after the person had left his life, by an obituary in the newspaper.

yea… about that. i don’t want an obituary as I don’t want to curse someone to death. Just suffering is good enough. death is easy way out. Let them suffer in the real physical world. =o)