Magic to become invisible?! No sleep from party last night and family is coming

What can I do they are so annoying and loud and I can’t leave as I’m now allowed to, I want to go to my ex house but I can’t they are trapping me here like jail and doing to to me emotional manipulations of guilt… god I hate my parents so much, I’m finished right now I want to sleep but they are with the radio open hearing songs literally living in hell I can close my eyes for one minute and fall a sleep and then wake up from the noises a minute after I don’t give a fuck about their crying anymore I want to sleep god dammit

Save some money and move out!


I wish it was that simple my man, I’m currently attempting to do so but it will take some time, Hopefully in 2 or 3 years Depending on my friends we can live as partners in some random apartment it can happen but this lazy fucks need to find a job all they do is getting high and smoking weed, Anyone with some suggestion? I desperately need this I’m on a hardcore trip please assassinate me kill me now I’m as a bird in a cage in the safari I feel like I’m being forced to preform a show in front of an audience in the festival of torture, Oh dear oh dear

Rose cross ritual


Can you link me this ritual?

Can’t right now, do a search here and on google i think i linked somethin for it here awhile back and its old enough it should come up on a general search.


Ok thanks man appreciate that.

Wow they are so annoying can someone send me energy to deal with this obsessive rats they just woke me up literally they are entering my room every single second to check me the fuck no respect just my lovely sister told them to peace off

Dude, you don’t need Energy sendt from us, i can feel your Energy pulsing up to here!
Just by reading you.

Use that rage and bitterness which is inside of you.
Take a Stand.
Know that Magick is going to guide you along and trust it.

  • Actually do the Rose cross Ritual.
    It’ll help you controling your own Mental and Emotional state so you can channel the Energy efficiently.
    Forgett that stuff about waiting years saving up to a change.
    Use your sorcery.
    Get the Results you need.



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Here you go.


Thanks man you’re the best.

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Bael and Zagan can make you undetectable . Duke Dantalion did King Paimon can change their minds to let you outside

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Have you worked with them, Do you mind sharing ? Well I fell a sleep anyways hahahahaha but just in case tho

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No I haven’t but a lot people on here have .

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