Magic that changes physical appearance?

Was just wondering if there are spells or something that can change your appearance? Like give u abs, make u taller, have bigger eyes, lose fat and stuff like that…maybe an evocation of a demon or sometin? Basically want to know if its possible

If you click on the upper right magnifying glass and search for glamour, that might be the ticket for you.


but glamour magic only changes what people see, I was looking for something that actually changes your physical appearance

look up biokinesis perhaps?




It’s possible, but when you’re at the level when you are able to do it easily, you’ll already be where you want to be.

Try contacting Marbas, start going to the gym, and eating right.


but growing taller isn’t an option…

Of course it is possible. But it is unlikely you are willing to pay the price. It doesn’t come from a single spell.

I mean its ‘doable’ without magic nowadays all you need to do is fly to Russia and have leg lengthening surgery :stuck_out_tongue: or you can just buy some shoe lifts.

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You can change your physical appearance with magic. Or at least influence the changes your body goes through with time. Something as simple as eye color, for example, could take months or even years of effort to change from blue to green. There are of course legends in various traditions of instantaneous change, but this kind of power and skill is often explained to be more of a side effects of highly advanced cultivation (ascent) than the end goal. I have personally never had a sorcerer demonstrate instant shapeshifting, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any capable of it.