Magic Squares and Sigils

Could I please get some help in locating magic squares and sigils. I recall there was mention of an old book that had them for all different things and pics of them but i can’t seem to find it on here anymore, and the name of the author/book title escapes me.
Any help would be greatly appreciated

The Sacred Magic of Abramelin and Kingdoms of Flame have squares.

Thankyou Divinator,
I own all of EA’s books (except the complete works…).
The Sacred Magic of Abramelin… I’m pretty sure that was the title.
Have you worked with these before?
I used one a few months back to help me dissolve my debt and it worked 100%. It was my first ritualwork with magic squares and I didn’t even think I managed to obtain the Theta-Gamma Sync correctly.
Next on my list is to find a path, as I have just been drifting my entire life always uncertain and without purpose. Hopefuly this will give me some clarity.
:smiley: :smiley:

You could try Enochian squares as well but I will caution you as Enochian is supposed to be extremely potent and not for beginners (don’t know your current experience but putting that out there for others benefit). Everything I’ve heard/read about Enochian says there are no practice runs so be careful if you do decide to use it. I don’t practice it myself so maybe some members experienced with it can chime in.

Cheers, I will definitely look into it.

There’s a few good threads here on the Abramelin squares if you search for them.