Magic of chaos

Hello everyone, I currently am a practitioner of magic and a Satanist luciferiano, there are many things but I want to know what’s the magic of chaos?

I think you’re referring to Chaos Magick, in which case I can direct you, pretty safely, to Liber Null my Peter J. Carroll.

Basically, Chaos Magick is the rather casual adoption of a belief system for only as long as its useful (usually the length of a ritual, though longer periods are often engaged in as experiments), and then discarded. In theory, this allows the practitioner to operate from multiple systems at once.

Unless, of course, you’re talking about what an old mentor of mine called chaos magick (dude’s a Mathers/Westcott Hermetic, and a Jewish occultist, and knows his shit up down and center), in which case you’ll probably find that in the 218 current or out of something like S. Ben Qayin’s books.