Magic Mantra For Busting The Blues... 🧞

So, I woke feeling bleurgh today, out of nowhere, turns out I missed tracking my period and it was PMS catching me by surprise. While I waited for the counterattack to kick in (half an aspirin and a berry smoothie, but they needed to be acquired first, and take ~15m to work) I still had to cope with annoying people, online and off, and critters who can’t even understand why not to do the thing. :thinking:

I turned to reminding myself of a simple concept, to “Just do the next right thing” which for the last few weeks has been my go-to method out of any temporary slump, or other setback, confusion, annoyance, etc., and it gave me a thin thread to follow out of the labyrinth of waking up feeling tired, irritable, scratchy, and low.

While it may not be demonic evocation in a cloud of rare incense, it’s helped me enough in times of need that I think it deserves its own topic, and here’s an article about its origins - I found it in a YouTube comments section on a housewifery channel I follow:

(I often struggle simply being a functional adult, and as a result have developed an interest in strategies and tactics to cope, in fact that’s one of my favourite things aside from magick. There’s a compilation of some of my tried & true methods here: Time Management, Procrastination, And ADHD and I hope some of you may find useful info in them. :sunny: )


You don’t know how much I needed this right now. :thinking:

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Is it bad that I associate the phrase “just do the next right thing” with Frozen 2? Well it’s good advice anyways

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@Lady_Eva Here was me thinking you were gonna bust out your “happy happy joy joy” mantra Loool.

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wow :pleading_face:
thank you @Lady_Eva i will look into it

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Thank You for Posting this!

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Where is heaven?