Magic is like a muscle

I have learned a lot about magic the past few weeks and I have seen some amazing results. I think one of the things that has been amazingly like Helpful is looking at magic like a muscle. It has magic muscles. And like a muscle, it needs to be trained on a daily basis and used on a daily basis and doing spell every other day perhaps that doesn’t require tools and tools and tools, but understanding that bare bones of magic can go along to exercising it every day.

The popular definition is magic is the science and art of causing change in accordance with Will.

And then they are basic principles to that. There’s Will there’s desire and there’s of course belief. That’s a basic formula and it’s kind of hard for me to grasp my head around it, But there is a definition that I really liked and that I’ve been using it’s called law of attraction. The best way to make something work is practice practice putting in it in your daily life and make it fun and exciting because that’s what drew me in the first place. The mystery and the wonders That are evoked. And a bonus that I got out of it was a sense of power in my life.

So meditation is definitely essential And can be a bit of a boost. So when you are working with whatever spirit you are working with or God or God is or some entity, The bottom line is, I’ve learned you have to step into command into authority into power and that does require a bit of self work like boosting your confidence improving your self-esteem. It does require working on yourself to some extent. Let me put it this way when I say that it just means working on yourself a little bit at a time and accepting the fact that no one will ever achieve perfect balance unless you are a monk living, isolated away from all the earthly pleasures and comfortable in this life But the majority of people on earth will most likely ever live like that And personally, why I am people who are like that, but I find it boring as hell I like to be challenged that’s just playing and simple as it gets.

Some people just like to make things more complicated than they seem because I will tell you one thing that’s exactly what I did and I have learned so much in realize all magic comes from is from you, YOURSELF. And that’s why I have now a different perception and experience when it comes to tools, herbs, or anything on an altar, I think the best advice I can give for those who struggle with money is just realize all you need for your magic to work is yourself. There is nothing wrong with having an altar in tools , ingredients for spells or any of that stuff, while natural elements have their own properties and their own energies, just having them, though on an altar and working it into some spell does not always mean it’s going to work, but regardless, if you have tools or not, you still have to put in the work I said the magic is within you and natural elements tools charged with energy can be a big help to those who struggle, especially those who don’t have a lot of energy to give , Sometimes we deplete ourselves and we could rely on tools to help compensate, but they shouldn’t be used as a crutch is what I’m saying. And of course, there will be some people who disagree and that’s OK too because personally for me I’m just speaking my opinion and my thoughts and nobody is required to believe or have the same view.

So I want to make a thread here on other peoples experiences meth they use and what helps them get their magic focused, and what they had. And when I say I’m talking about like that’s more tangible like for example you asked to get bills paid when you didn’t have the money you got the bills paid because someone else paid them or ran into some extra cash to pay it off for an example. those are the kind of examples. I’m interested in when it comes to tangible results.



Yeah magic is like working out to be honest.

Some people develop astral muscles more easily than other. But with persistance results are here.

I also tend to think has the muscle analogy : you had to perform magick many times a week to keep it going and having a diet and habits that serves it.

No matter if it’s centering your energy, calling spirits, petitions, energy constructs… All that is necessary.

Try thing differently, see the results.

Make a circle… You call the air at the east? Call it on the north and see what happen.

Which energy source do you use? Try a different once.

Charge your food/water with an intent.

Try to communicate with spirits, no matter if it’s an ancestor, a tree, a fae…

Create small servitors to assist you for a task.

Go in vision. Explore the world.


You said it all. It also helps to know your basic personality makeup to understand what your own strengths are, and decide whether you’re better off building what you’re naturally good at, or working to balance out your lagging abilities.

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