Magic in rpgs and other games

So in most games, there’s a caster class and a healer class. The caster is a general mage, usually using the elements to attack enemies from afar. They usually are academics who gained their powers through study. The healer is usually a priest who channels the powers of the gods. The distinction between them is faith vs study.

So here we know that ancient priestly castes were put through academic study of the mysteries of the gods (or demons). They practiced ceremonial Magick. Then there were those folk magicians who focused on nature.

I was thinking, what if a game had a healer witch class which focused on nature? Thus allowing the caster class can take on both priestly and magician based abilities.

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Dude. Play the elder scrolls games


World of Warcraft has such things too.

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Mystics (you can find them in most fantasy games) usually heal, deal magic damage and summons familiars. It’s the super-connected-with-nature class.


It would be interesting for a game to eliminate class systems entirely. I’m thinking there would be four skill trees representative of the four core classes. Then three branches for each, making twelve in total. Characters can invest points into any two branches of these twelve, adding a third at higher levels. They may reset points any time with in game coin. Here’s a few examples.

Magician tree.

  1. Celestial: command the powers of light for crowd control and some healing.
  2. Elemental: command the elements for magical attacks and defensive buffs.
  3. Infernal: summon dark spirits or the undead.

Witch tree

  1. Nature: heal and use attack abilities.
    2: Enchantment: use supportive buffs.
    3: Blood: syphon health and debuff effects.
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Archeage has more or less a “make your own class”.

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Divinity Original Sin 2

Elder scrolls online has classes but its such a small part of the build

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Are you forgetting the Druid?