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Greetings friends, I wrote this post to leave a record of my experience with the evocation of King Paimon specifically for the work of musical composition, as I have already commented in other of my posts, I am a musician, singer and music producer and on this occasion I decide to experiment with the composition Guided by Paimon. This time I will focus a lot on the musical creation process, that is, this pots will be of benefit to musicians who are on this path. I will divide the story into several parts where I consider the magical intervention was more outstanding and where the musicians will be able to appreciate how the spiritual intervention took place.

The frequency :

This process began almost 2 months ago, the first evocation I did for this purpose was before going to sleep, I made my evocation and my request was the guide for the composition of a successful and quality song. The first communication was that same night I arrived in a lucid dream in the Astral, I literally appeared on the outskirts of a house, with Paimon by my side, the house was quite rural however when I entered the house it was a professional recording studio , when we entered, we both gave a kind of race to see who would take the chair in front of the console controls, finally he gave me the chair amicably, to summarize this first meeting in the Astral, we were in front of the console and in the computer screen there is a song in the process of being created, typical of any studio, I asked him if I could put my touch on the song to which he nodded and then told me to look at it, he moved some controls and showed me a sound wave on the screen, then with his hand he tilted the speakers in front of us and told me to listen to what was playing on the speakers, it was a sound frequency, it wasn’t an instrument or a voice, it was exactly a frequency, I asked him one question, the question was how often should I rest my ears, to which he replied every five days. That was the end of the dream.

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I woke up and quickly took note of all the details, for me the process had already begun and although my interpretation was not instantaneous, I quickly understood that Paimon was showing me a specific sound frequency for my song and the key to achieving it was the number five that answered to my question that although the question was not related to the subject of frequency for me it was obvious that the subject to be dealt with in that Astral trip was the sound frequency that I should use. The next day I got down to work, I started to create the song, the first thing I did was search for frequency of sounds with the number 5 in hertz on Youtobe and the first result that appeared was a video that said frequency to enter the 5th Dimension, I listened to it and the starting sound was really similar to the frequency that paimon showed me in a dream. It was already obvious that this was the way to be Marked by number 5, I downloaded the frequency, I gave it a cut format, I made adjustments, and I made this sound frequency the basis of my song, for the most curious I can tell you that the frequency was a frequency of 432 hertz and, well, this frequency was investigate a little has certain spiritual implications that those who wish to can investigate on their own.

The tempo of the song:

For this, I continued to make evocations several nights, the response was varied, in one of my dreams I met an old friend and to enter a kind of park we bought a ticket with the number 88.5 after that same day on the computer adjusting the songs continuing the composition process had many numerical synchronicities, these synchronicities continue to accompany me and to a certain extent have become a form of communication with the spiritual world with my higher self, my angels and demons. The numbers that are frequently seen everywhere from signs, clock hours, seconds hand to the songs in my playlits, barcodes among others, the numbers that I see are 11, 22, 33, 44 and 55 including on many occasions 1111, 333 and 222 to then select the tempo of the song, the synchronicities revolved around 22 and 44 in addition to having had a dream the night before where they specifically showed me 88.5, the tempo of the song would have to revolve around 88 bpn. Then I also noticed when checking my Demon of magick book that Paimon’s summoning psalm is psalm 88:14, which definitely made setting the song to a tempo at this number with 88 Bpn very genuine.

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Adding Guitars:

To all this, several days passed where I was composing the song adding rhythms, instruments among other sounds. However, I could feel several times during the day a smell of wood that came and went in the environment, this happened for several days until I understood that it was another signal or guide from Paimon, who told me that I should add guitars to the song, I understood it because I could identify the smell, it was a smell from my childhood, as a child I would peek inside to see the inside of my uncle’s Spanish guitars and at that moment I could smell the wood inside the guitar, this was the smell, specifically wood of the interior of a Spanish guitar. I can almost 100% guarantee that it was exactly the smell of my uncle’s old Spanish Yamaha guitar. I understood that somehow I had to add guitars to the theme, I closed my eyes and told Paimon that it would be so. Then, in a very late night writing session, I started looking for guitars in the sound libraries that I normally use and found a Spanish guitar that I use, but there was still something else missing, so I decided to use some electric guitar rhythms, not could find a good guitar sound, I decided to summon Paimon and ask him for help, then magically a great electric guitar sample appeared that I can say that with almost zero adjustments it fit perfectly with the song, that for me was really something magical almost I cried when I saw it and heard this, because the sample was perfect. I must clarify that at this point the song was almost finished in its structure and that putting a guitar rhythm that fit perfectly without making any adjustments was something almost impossible to achieve and that’s how it happened, the guitar sound appeared and it fit perfectly in the song. a song that already had a melodic structure created, how could this new guitar exactly match something previously created? The answer was magical, all guided from the beginning. I can say that the guitar for this song definitely comes from Paimon, which I deeply appreciate.

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Release date:

Finally the song was ready and as the default release date I had chosen 2-22-2022 due to the numerological implications, however, the day of uploading the song and sending the material to the label, was a night that turned into an internal fight, although I had numerous numerical synchronicities indicating that the song was ready, I felt a deep insecurity about sending the information to the label for publication, something really inexplicable, I was sweating while filling out the information forms, I somehow felt So even the topic was missing something and I felt very insecure. I finally picked up the pace and decided that my message was going through an insecure process, so I forced myself to finish sending the information. However, the infighting was such that finally the next day I wrote an email to the label asking them to please cancel my release, giving as an excuse that there was still a detail left in the mix. This for me was what many advanced in magic call that personal struggle that must take place just before the materialization of the process. Finally the label responded quickly and I was able to cancel the release date, so I understood why all this.

The last two adjustments:

  • Adjustment 808:

All those who produce music in more current and urban genres or linked to Hip hop, Rap, Trap among others, will know that the sub-basses called 808 are widely used, the guided composition of this song continued , one last detail came in the form of a signal, after having canceled the publication of the song as I already told you, the next day I had to go get some medicine for my girlfriend, I had to take a long motorcycle trip, while in the On the way I was wearing headphones listening to youtobe videos and the video ended in that I decide to stop on the side of the road to play another video and continue my journey listening to another video, I usually do this and listen to some audio book of my interest, when I stopped to On the side of the road I could immediately notice a post in front of me, it was yellow indicating the passage of a gas pipe, you could read on the post “808 natural gas” because my mind was blown by the composition of this song had used an 808 with a slightly aggressive Sidechain it didn’t sound bad, but the message was clear 808 natural and well it couldn’t be more direct, when I got home I sat down and adjusted the 808 to make it more natural and the effect in the sound of the song was, to say the least, very favorable.

  • Adjustment in the compressor:

Finally the morning of the next day I was putting My playlists on spotify like I do every morning and the list stopped with the song at second 22 and this is common for me when I see the 22 knowing that they are telling me that something is materializing, I started to analyze the screen and took a photo of the screen at that moment to be able to calmly look for detail, well I got a number of numerical synchronicities from several 44 and the special coincidence of seeing what at the time of taking the picture the computer clock was just indicating 11:11 I understood that I had to decipher something in this photo, I analyzed everything but it caught my attention that in the line of the web address there was of course a line of many characters which I assumed were random but it had several 44s and it happened that one part said AJ, which is my artistic name AJ, I understood that there was something encoded there, so he decided to take that line of characters that did not say n the exact one for me then I was able to decode what it said which is irrelevant for this story, but the fact is that to try to guess what they wanted to tell me, put the line of characters in the Youtobe search engine and a video appeared of a Mr. Explaining a topic related to mathematics and probability but the strange thing is that the title of the video literally said "because the “threshold at 95% is not that big” the musicians will quickly understand that the threshold is a control value in use of the compressors and again good the signal was more than clear adjust the threshold close to 95%. Again I did so and again which improved the sound of the songs. How to read the guide for the composition was very detailed. Well, finally, now the song was ready to be published, I filled out the forms again and sent the information to the label for distribution, this time everything was done calmly and normally, and the same with all the signs that the song was ready to be published.

New reléase Date:

As I had already said, I wanted the post date to be 2-22-22, however, after the last adjustments for the days that had passed, this was no longer possible, so I chose a new date and I chose 2-3-2022, and good for those who are a bit in the vein of numerology if we add all the numbers of this date at the end the result of this date is the number 11 which as I said is a number that is recurring for me and more of a master number this was the icing on the cake. Well friends to finish I want to say that this journey using magic for composition specifically with the evocation of King Paimon has been fascinating and very special, for which I thank King Paimon for the Guide throughout this additional journey I also thank Gaap because he has also played part of this spiritual journey and also the Archangel Angels involved and Adonai for the creative energy poured into me. I want to say that in my personal experience when you use magic at the time of the materialization of your requests, this is accompanied by an even greater result than the request made, I can add that in addition to all these great Guides that were given to me by the composition musical, this process was accompanied by a deeper spiritual awakening, experiences that have gone beyond musical composition and for which I feel very happy and grateful. Everything helped me to understand and continue to experience that light and darkness are the same and always go together, the principle of polarity is real, whatever moment you are denser or higher, there is always presence of light and darkness. in different degrees.

Light and darkness:

In my opinion, by evoking Paimon, it opened paths for me that go both up and down, that’s how I feel, because only if you embrace your darkness can you materialize your light. Hope this helps other people and especially musicians looking for answers.

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I’m sorry, but you cannot use this forum to promote your music. It is against forum rules, so I have removed the Spotify link.

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It’s fine, no problem, it’s not my intention to promote :wink:

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I saw that you have the link in your profile anyway, so it’s all good.


this happen to me too.
once i was into the light (being too religious), but my material condition was not good.
then came into me some signs, and i embrace the darkness. and in this darkness i can see a new light
we have to balance between the light and the dark

How did the release go?

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