Magic capitalism or Communism (serious discussing)

So…I’m on FB right? aaand I joined a group for healing and reading. I was SLAMED with requests but was stop by the Admin who needs to check my ‘creds’ to know if I’m legit or not, and I get it. its a safety thing I’m not bashing her for that…but I started to wonder…

Who ‘decides’ what is or isn’t good magic? I mean really? I see this more in the RHP then the LHP but I’m not saying that’s good or bad just a observation.

Now I’m not selling anything to them. I’m simply asking for reviews to post on my new site. in any case.

that stupid peace of paper doesn’t prove shit…

Now I could argue that, it’s just some money making thing that capitalists want to get a cut of so they have live off your efforts…but hold on?

“Payment of Paper proof protection from people’s perceptions?”

sounds like some commie shit to me!

what do yall think?


Good magic, IMO, is magic that produces good results. All the credentials you should need are the testimonials of your clients.


I agree. results should speak for themselves


But to play devil’s advocate in this discussion when starting out using Magick as a business the initial clients are taking a leap of faith, which can be unwise and many are rightly skeptical of those who offer magickal services. Therefore some sort of certification could alleviate that hesitation and make people more comfortable with procuring said services. Which can be good for the business aspect .

In the same breath I’ll say that someone can start a small group and website that gives out certificates to anyone they want to so it’s all Bs anyway.


This is why most of the ones starting out offer some free services here or info on youtube and some charged services on another page linked from their profile or account. It gives the clients a way to review the service they received and gives the new magician for hire some free press and possible advertisement.

For example frater Xavier who runs the mind and magick channel on youtube was making free videos (including a complete money ritual that any can do) for awhile before he made his first paid program that he offers. This way people got to see he know his craft can test it for themselves and even gave everyone a ritual to aquire the money to pay for the programs he offers if they want to take the opportunity.


Lol I got banned from one fb group. And I had to take a test from another that the lady was like

Omg…from me?.how do you know this?

^ she is the one wanting me to prove my abilities

Hang on let me see if I can upload the recording…nope but it was hilarious.

“Have to prove it through documentation” how’s that?!

Sounds like someone lookin to cash in by providing legitimacy through “certifications”.

In some provisions that makes sense in some it’s a power move and in most it seems to be a mix of both. My own job is a good example of this. For servicing some of the pool equipment like motors and such in texas you have to have a RAIL (Residential appliance installers licence) LICENCE a variant of the the one electricians have to get. But it covers more of what an electrician may do than a pool tech as insane as that sounds.

Result of the company’s related to the pool industry and the electricians unions clashing. One sidr tryin to work the other acting like their jobs are in danger when there is no shortage of electrical work if you know how to do it. Only road block i found was everyone wants experienced techs instead of taking the time to train people to get more people in the field.

Yeah it’s a insurance thing. I get it but it’s Soo stupid at a certain point. I think it’s a elite corporate agenda to push this shit and make it look like capitalism is the enemy.

This is why disclaimers exist, liability concerns are understandable since no one wants to be sued. That’s part of why frater xavier didnt go over this subject for a long time.

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