Magic and the Art of Philosophical Analogies

I wish I had in one thread, all the clever analogies that BLAG members have used to attack the mysteries and push the envelope of plain English.

Those who pass the veil immediately understand the struggle to explain. The secrets aren’t really secrets as such. The sacred knowledge simply doesn’t lend its self to normal means of understanding.

Its kinda like explaining a color…

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Black Magic is about favorable results. Sometimes its hard to justify the ways of seers. Divination is one thing, but there’s the Holy Grail quest. The prize is to become a true magical genius.

“Excel Seer” was Stan Lee’s motto. Seers are the illuminati if you insist that such a thing exists. Artists are all over this. It’s like, Lvl.2 mysticism to have that figured out in my humble opinion.

Poetry is when you can have a forked tongue. You can say something wise and meaningful to any person and filled with symbols that speak aloud to those with ears to hear. Its an ancient tradition in every culture.