Magic and exercise

Has your magic improved after committing to a workout regimen? How?



I mean the only physical exercises on my opinion that helped me exponiantially on my craft where some type of yogas ive done over the years. From rune yogaposes and a litle hebrew letter poses to traditional yoga poses they opened and strenghtened many internal energycenters and channels ive needed to pierce trough the veils of reality my own and what is outside of myself.

When your body in general is sharp your mind is sharp and disciplined because a sharp body recuires discipiln and commitment and muscular bodys can store more energys than thin ones per my expirience. Your mentality is more attune to warriorhood and strenght and these are needed to be successfull in the occult field and in general.


The answer to this question is an astounding yes sir!

Dude you would not believe how much it helps.
You can really push limits.

However one thing to note is that… do not do any weight exercises from the gym.

Do actual body weight exercises and use weighted vest instead, it’s the same thing but way better.

Some people might disagree about “the gym”.

But you will get real benefits sticking to a true & tried methods that have stood the test of time… such as pushups, sit ups, burpees… ect…

I ain’t talking about just strength… I’m talking about muscular endurance! Becoming a functional unit with your body!

Don’t fall for the game where people think the gym will get you strong & sculp yourself and all that bs… trust me, you will look real fuckin good anyways with calisthenics & proportioned beautifully. I should be freakin coaching this stuff Already .

Now when it comes to how it helps… well, when you manifest things, sometimes your physical body gets in the way. You must have energy flowing properly. It’s kind of like blood flow, you want blood to flow properly.

You will have much more awareness of your body + the benefits you obtained in regards mental strength & stamina from your workouts. It carry’s overs nicely to the energy body.

Rant below*

I should probably say that the gym ain’t all bad, but ugh…

I look at people & some times I want to puke on how bad people are wanting to be accepted. I mean… I tried it, but I personally could not stand the negative energy that was radiating off everybody.

Even the strong people in the gym want to just be accepted and want all the attention they can get, like little vampires.

It’s just such a sad sight to see, that people think that they need the gym when really, they just need to work on their inner game. They are basically trying to mask the putrid energetic stench and taste raidiating off of them.

Lol but hey… you could put some magick on and feed off peoples energy from the gym, but then again you’d just be fueling the negative mindset within that is terrible just like everybody else is trying to do as well.

I suppose it could be good practice, trying to redirect all the attention to you… But really, if people have to do that, then you have to ask yourself… Do you really love yourself?

I think old school body builders were looking good, compared to the monsters we have now and days looking very unnatural. However still… the body builders wouldn’t last long when shit gets wild, also magically wouldn’t last. There good for mabye 5 minutes at a time, probably move some big stuff around a little bit, but would most likely get tired still.

I suppose I like to think about war & love.

Alright my rants over.


Yah i mean i totally get you for some it is therapeutic for some it is egotistic for some it is for health and aesthetic and socialising but a real one goes there and is honest to himself,he inculdes everything and embraces it like a champ.I am dominant a negative spiritual being i thrive in such atmospheres regardless if it is toxic or positive or something in between, i get everytime some type of empowerment from there because i magnetise and take it in and transmute it into my advancement with my ingrained vampyric technologys and practices.

Problematic is most likely to be like usual for beginners regardless wich people or expirience there is.Just stick to your honest goal be it for the gains or girls or i dont know what else.And just push trough youll get to a point where this is just normal to you and dont need any motivation or right inner or outer circumstences to do that shit.

Simple answer: In my experience EVERYTHING is improved by exercise. Every physical, mental, spiritual, magickal and anything else you can think of is improved by physical exercise.


Imo… Gyms are for people who need Air Conditioning & attention.

There are some actual good gyms that Id go, but they aren’t very clean & humidity is terrible.

I think going outside a becoming an animal is what really separates my thirst from others.

I like real elements, like the heat from the sun.

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@John_John @Ragepanda a Toast to that! :milk_glass:(Thats a protein shake or if you wanna, just milk)


Cocaine please :slightly_smiling_face: Jkjk :eyes:

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What kind of exercises? Sure it’s easy to say that exercises improves magick, but do you happen to have recommendations.

I think that people need to hear real recommendations, because yes and no answers without proper information + personal experience can set people on the wrong track.

I’m an aesthetic bodybuilder, and exercise definitely helps with my hormones, chakras, it helps me store energy into my body, channel more energy, and it also helps exercise shapeshifting and hypnotizing others to appear the way I want to appear, but that’s more of a bonus exercise, I also use other peoples eyes to shape my body the way I want too

The only problem is nutrition and eating

I’m embracing a more carnivore diet right now and I’ve noticed this to make me heavier in general but i fast, do energy work and breathwork to balance it out

I do believe building the physical body has its benefits when it comes to magick but I wouldn’t say it’s some woo ah thing… I’m very sure there’s never been an ascended master that was a bodybuilder, I’ve done energy work practices that channeled cosmic super strength through my being, so compared to that stuff it’s kinda irrelevant in my opinion, the body is more of an anchor or puppet for the higher self, obviously the stronger the better but it’s not really necessary, though if you don’t have a good connection to your higher self, then doing energy work and working out can help store that energy into the body, but eventually when you tap into that infiniteness you won’t really need it anymore

I have noticed however the skinnier mystics and magicians tend to be very ungrounded and unstable in their lives, their magick tends to fizzle. Most of the successful practitioners I know have good amount of body mass, even I noticed myself my magick got way stronger after putting on some muscle mass.



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I woke up just to send that to you, I’m gonna go to sleep again xD

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In my view, any kind of exercise. Exercise helps clear the mind and invigorates the body, not to mention puts one in a fine elevated mood. What kind of exercise depends on what floats your boat. I prefer extended periods of vigorous cardio myself, but others prefer other forms.

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Greater focus and energy