Magic After a Love Spell Backfires

Firstly, I use Winterfield’s methods from Demons of Magick. I summoned a new wealthy lover via the recommendation of Purson, and the new man showed up online in three days. Less than a week later, he had flown me to a five star hotel in his city so that we could meet. He was absolutely enamoured and I saw a lot of promise between us. When I slept alone that night I felt a strong demonic presence in the room (sounds of screaming and rushing water), but I wasn’t overly concerned by it, given the nature of my magic.

I soon asked Sallos to make him fall in love with me, and within three days I was receiving texts and calls that sounded like he was very, very eager to see me. He planned to fly to my city and do something for my birthday.

When my birthday came this weekend, there was no word from him. As of this week, his phone is no longer working properly (although it appears I am not blocked on anything.)

My intuition about him was always good. The possible explanations I have so far are:

  • The love spell was too intense, and freaked him out.
  • He figured out that I bewitched him (although his type usually doesn’t believe in magic.)
  • The guy is dead or in a coma (he’s a CEO so his phone should be working.)
  • He simply felt guilty for forgetting my birthday.
  • He is secretly married and was using a second phone.

I have layered some new demon work to remediate whatever is going on:

Agares: His magickal defenses cannot resist my will.
Agares: He apologizes to me tenderly with the intention to be in my life.
Orias: He has returned to me.
Orias: He has overcome any fears, anxieties or obstacles that once blocked the flow of love and intimacy between us.
Sallos: His emotional balance has been restored and he is comfortable with his feelings for me.
Sallos: He has has a new, mature openness to love and intimacy with me.

I’m afraid to use divination methods because my gut feeling about him was so positive that I don’t trust myself right now. This has been a shitload of work and I’m nearly ready to mentally distance myself from the situation. Any advice would be appreciated.


Another note: when I was doing the remedial work I realized I was using a pirated copy of Demons of Magick, but it wasn’t the one with the curse in it (I originally couldn’t buy the PDF in France). I’ve since managed to get my hands on an official copy and deleted all pirated versions.

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Something makes me think its along those lines, to be honest. Maybe not married but it makes the impression that he was seeing somebody else while entertaining you as well and he might have made up his mind in favour of the other woman. So maybe a separation spell against an unknown third party would help the cause. (if you decide to stick to him as a potential partner, that is!)

Also happy belated birthday :slight_smile:


Yes, this would totally make sense. If he decided to have an little affair, he definitely got more than he bargained for.

Thank you!! :slight_smile:

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I agree. A banishing spell would do well to banish them away if you continue doing love spells you could be a little more… calculated and will that if he continues to choose the other women he will be hurt and feel in despair but when he chooses you he will feel free and happy

This could be an indication to take your focus elsewhere, I’d use divination not to spy on the target but rather to get clarity on what moves to make to get out of the way of the Magik and let it play out as it should. Especially since you’d mentioned you done trust yourself at the moment. Divination can provide you with some much needed clarity, it doesn’t have be used on the target

From what you’ve described, it sounds your work was a success, so no need to doubt that

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