Maferefun Elegua

Elegua possesses

In Santeria one receives Elegua as an ensouled fetish, allowing for a very intimate relatiinship betwixt the magician and his familiars :wink:

Would you like to learn about the initiation process, or are you interested in stepping in yourself?


Well, when you find the right Ile (house) you get a reading to determine whether you should receive the warriors or not. Rarely will the Orishas dissuade against it. You may choose to get the warriors, or just Elegua. The warriors are three fetishes which house Elegua (opener of doors), Oggun (god of war), and Ochosi (the huntsman). For me it was only Elegua (so far). Depending on your house and the tradition they follow the next steps may vary, but for me it is to undergo the ceremony of abajarr where they call down Orunla to reveal the identity of your crown Orisha. After this you receive the 5 elekes (bead necklaces) and a bracelet to signify who owns your head. You are said to be the child of that Orisha. At that point you are medio asiento, or “halfway initiated”. The actual initiation to be a Santero is the Asiento, where your heavenly father or mother rides you in full possession and cuts are made on your tongue to signify your status as a Santero(a). There are further initiations for different aspects of the tradition, like Abo Faca, etc. but Im not really looking at all that yet :wink:

Not too long. I just received Elegua and I was blessed with the eleke of Osain, so rivht now Im supposed to get the 5 elekes and undergo the plante where they find out who owns my head. I feel Exu was calling me from tjat Santeros shop and I wound up getting involved, but I started off with an interest in vodou :wink: