Made a sh** load of money

Good Work my friend. Keep it up!


Is it safe to use if it’s your first time doing an incantation? I’ve done an Enn before so maybe that counts. I have to start somewhere…

Does the incantation work with gambling? It’s still an avenue of making money so I’d assume it would work.

how do you save a post on a forum? lol, i need that money incantation lol

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It’s super interesting that you’ve shared this story and how you’ve done the magic work for you, but what most people on the forum want to know is “what is the venue”, we know you said several, but this hardly suffices to sate the questions we have. What worked best, which demon for which business, etc

it comes from the heart, doesn’t matter if you cant say properly, the energy you channel is what counts. so say it how it comes out, and eventually you will say it how is suppose to sound. but it shouldn’t matter. as long as is from the heart…

you can also use google translate. to get a hint on how to pronounce it.

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Pronounciation would help me a great deal.

lol… cut and paste into MS Word. That’s what I do.

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I tried to do what was shared here for 2 days, I am really inexperienced in these matters, I don’t know if I did it right, but within 2 days, 12k us dollars came into my account from places I never expected. Is this magic? I’m going to go buy a car soon.
Love to all!


Today first time I managed to buy pre-sale of a coin. :smile:

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well bookmarked thanks everyone!