Made a sh** load of money

Ever since I’ve been working with spirits a few months ago I’ve made almost $50k and I had zero before hand :100::100::100:


what sector


I make mine in ecommerce and which spirits


Happy for you congratulations :slight_smile:

It would be more beneficial for others if you add more details to your statement. Not necessarily the details but any valuable information.

Greed is human nature, and many can use that against people in need or ones who were attracted to this path to achieve financial goals. This is a forum to share experiences and information, not a place for advertisements. Occult and magick is a huge market for scammers. No offense intended.

Thank you for your understanding :+1:


Clauneck bune And king paimon


I suppose I should say demons lol

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It’s to let people know it works not scam I don’t need to do that bullsh**


Try this incantation given by Micah. I made alot of money using it. I can surely testify to its potency.

Incantation For Money

Jasof nengreda itshcu tabla riol tesch adjron draj nuiz desca tol/
Ni-najet asol mongo tufe itz crole saju lamba ni-orco streh ambo-tu/
Mangat-so I’tunshe nahgra maak su to neh ha

This incantation Needs no candle, spirit, or magic square.
This relies on sheer Expression . Meaning your Will and how badly you WANT this shit. Most of the times we say to not WANT something or be attached to it but this powerful form of magic draws on just that, want.

The more badly you want the money, the more power will be forced through your throat chakra by the Incantation. You can feel this as a tightening and swelling of energy in it.

Another sign that a Demonic Incantation or Word of Power is legit is you WILL feel the Vibrations of it scratching and tearing your throat chakra as it moves through you.

This can result in a Sore throat if you arent used to Infernal energy and using incantations extensively


As Prince has mentioned, tell us your story.
You can open a thread in Money Category to give a break down of the process you took; how you worked with the demons you listed.

You will contribute positively to the forum .


Damn that sounds super dope never heard of this but I am not the most literate person I’m kinda a street person turned occultist and I have no idea how to pronounce any of those words! What language is that Latin?


Oh I didn’t even see a money forum that’s why I came here I’m not sure how to gauge where I’m at in the occult practices I only know a few other people who do this

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No rush! No problem

I meant there is a place in BALG that you can describe how it happened where most people who are interested in that kind of topics will go find it.

What do you think? Do you feel you could write something’s down? :smiling_face:


Man I wouldn’t mind, that’s a lot of typing can I post videos :sweat_smile:

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I just tried it and felt the vocal stuff frfr

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Yea Sure!
Video will be good

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Alright I’ll post it here when I get some free time


What is eccomerce

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e-commerce is selling online. Whether it’s products, digital downloads, etc.


Hey mate, thanks for the incantation. Do we have to chant this once or frequently?

And how does this help? Does it open new income streams or get money from random/unknown sources?

Btw, how much can it fetch? Like in 3 or 4 or 5 digits?