Lying inner voices?

Hello everyone…

so I hope this is the right section…

I tried to communicate with Angels during the last weeks. I was very sad and needed some answers.
I thought that I could feel their presence because I had some „itching“ on parts of my Body… They told me to trust them and told ne two specific things. They also wanted me to meditate.

At first I trusted and thought what they said might had actually happened.
But now I know it wasnt true…

So… did the voices lie to me and why would they do that? Or was ist just my own, wishful thinking mind, fooling me?

Thank you for answers!

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Meditation is supposed to help you to learn the difference between your own thoughts and the distintc voice from any spirit (demon, angel, god).

So it could be your own mind. Or it could be that those were not angels. But if you don’t have any reason to believe the latter, then it is the former. I would go with that explanation since it is actually quite easy to happen.

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Thank you very much for your answer!

How much experience in meditation so needed to be ablento hear them you think?

When I heared them I almost fell asleep, I didnt meditate before it the first times.

First it’s great you question what you experience because you’d be surprised how many don’t and I agree with Rey


Meditation won’t make you hear spirits, just help you to work on your senses AND see the difference between your thoughts and any distinct voice.

As for how long, I can’t say. That’s a subjective experience, as far as I see for what I read in this forum.

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Thank you very much for your reply and also for yours, @anon48079295 !

What made me beliefe, something was acutally there, was the itching on my body which I also feel, when I talk about this topic sometimes. But I wouldnt understand why those voices would lie to me… So maybe there is something there,…but it’s not what I am hearing.
I would really love to be able to get to know more about it. Maybe I should try to meditate more and listen carefully.

Do that. It is always good.

Also, maybe you managed to reach the angels, that could be the itching. Then, you couldn’t hear them and didn’t see the difference between their voices and your own thoughts. It’s the easier explanation for me.

Or maybe something in your sking was just itching. In any event, go on! I’ve just recently started to see results from my own practice, so I’m with you as a newbie but I can tell you that with patience and dedication you’ll achieve what you want.

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Yes, that is what I was trying to say haha.

Would you tell me how you noticed your first results?

I was failing and faling and failing, but that’s cool, since I know I suck at mostly everything, so I’ve adopted the mentality of fail to fail again, fail better every time until I fail no more.

About 20 days ago, I contacted Orias and asked for someone to NOT come to my house for new year. And that’s exactly what I got. Before that I used a chaos sigil to help a friend with some health issues, she confirmed that she is healthy now and actually said it was magic (I never told her I was trying to help her with magic).

Also, before that, I got emotional responses while contacting Bune (she is really sweet and puts a big smile in my face when I’m feeling down) and the start of my clauriaudience came after trying to reach Lucifer.

My first experience ever was with Ganesha, I just called him and that day my productivity went beyond what I believed was even possible.

One of my biggest issues is the fact that I’ve been a hardcore atheist most of my life. That may be the reason things may take longer for me.


That’s a valid sign that they are there. For me I usually know they are there as I get a sense that something is watching me, something else is present, or I see dust particles flying fast past my vision. All are good, because they do listen when you call, and really a sign is not needed, I’ve had times when I did not sense anything but the magick still worked. But hearing them and seeing them is the tricky part and you should work on opening your astral senses if you want them to communicate with you. There are guides on here on opening them, and the book Summoning Spirits by Konstantinos also has a good guide on this.

Now personally I don’t have experience in hearing or seeing spirits, usually they would give me answers in a dream (Mostly just had that with Norse Gods) or I asked to learn something I would get it by a revelation in the next few days, so directly speaking with them is not necessary to get answers. And it when the answer comes it’s best to just trust it, but when it does hit you then you’ll know it is the answer.

Divination can also be so important here, you could ask if it was the spirit talking or get answers from the spirit through divination, or getting an answer from a spirit may not even be needed if you can just divine the answer. But when you ask a spirit for something, just trust that you’ll get it and move on, put faith in them and focus on other things. Doubt and constant hoping and wishing can really cause magick to fail so this step is really important.


How did you contact them? I’m assuming it wasn’t through evocation, as that takes some developed astral senses, right?

Enn, sigil gazing, speaking my thoughts and trying to communicate with feelings. I suck at that. One interesting thing is that keeping it as simple and short as possible seems to work way better for me.

The whole concept of thinking in one god/demon/angel/spirit to the exclution of any other thought also seems to help, since I can’t really keep my head clear for more than a few seconds at the time, so trying to get my mind clear but think about whoever I want to contact when I start to think again, helps. Also, of course my mind goes into other stuff, but that’s not as important as noticing it and get back on track ASAP.

I have to deal with one fact: I can’t hear or see anything. Doesn’t mean it isn’t working. And I believe thinking it didn’t work is another factor that slowed me down significantly.