Lwa possesion and experiences

So. I have had a bad attitude lately. Honestly i havent had a “system” to follow, but now that i am following voudan ive decided to submit to the lwa today; my pride beside me i asked papa legba to possess me and afterwards i became extremely shakey and hungry. Last night i called candelo cedlife and began crying because the nature of me crying was the fact that i had not spoke to him in a long while. It is my interpretation from cedlife that perhaps he was sad that i did not speak to him.

These experiences and calls out to the lwa involved a lot of submitting to the higher power of the lwa, and for me admitting that i know nothing in hopes the lwa will elevate me with their guidance and teachings

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So to add. To my journal. I called on legba tonight properly and asked him to possess me in which to teach me about voudan and acension with the loa.

His words were a masterpiece of information unlike any i have heard before. He spoke of haiti, the loa and their sacrafice, guinea, and their place amounst the gods and masters of the ascended realms and explained why voudan is VASTLY DIFFERENT then other paths. Peaceful and violent. The reason why they refuse to “be told what to do” is to be respected as equals referring to the times of old where they were belittled.

This is my experience so far and it seemed to go on for almost 3 hours, but i must have soul traveled to legba once he possesed my ti bon ange because it was mere minutes(3-6 at max)

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Did you take the picture we were talking about after the possession?

No. Although it is a fine idea

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How are you? Is everything OK or are the pictures still coming out like before?

I am in the process of meditating with legba. I wrote my experiences within a journal post and ill keep adding to it

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OK. Cool. Look forward to reading it.