Lust spell help [Arabic]

Hello everyone. I rediscovered this spell recently , and people testified to it’s success. I am just hoping to find people familiar with the spell , and/or arabic magic to solve some problems I’m facing.

Q1. Can anyone please write out the table in the talisman larger and more legibly , I can’t make out the names clearly and I’m afraid it won’t work.

Q2. It says I have to write around the table in a circle without lifting my pen , but to write I’s and J’s I have to lift my pen up to place a dot. I know it’s silly , but can anyone help me out with a solution.

Q3. Basically what I’m asking for is , if anyone is familiar with this spell , to share it’s source , and to write down a larger and more legible talisman I can refer and copy from.

Please help me out.

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Someone would probably have to be the person who knows what it says, I can’t personally tell what it says, I can tag @Pandagoose and see if they will take the time to do this for you or share their source however.

This is what they said about it:

I don’t know if you can find the source with that information, but there’s some identifiable info so you might be able to google it up.

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I think the OP transcribes it here in one of the responses:

Mirhash: مرهاش Al’ Hayash: الهياش


The Names are transcribed as mentionned above, however I will try and re-write it to the best of my abilities.

2- The dots do not really matter that much, they are not needed in this case as it is about the intention set .
3- As said above, I will try to find some time to do that hopefully :slight_smile:

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