Lust / Playboy Mantra

This is an incantation that came to me in a dream last year at a time when I was working with the elements, and I’ve used it with great success.
This feels very “fiery” in the sacral.

This isn’t for attracting specific people from my experience and falls short in that aspect. What this is useful for, is for attracting an abundance of sexual partners and inciting lust in them. I call it a “playboy” mantra because it gives you quite a lot of partners at once, rather than focusing on just one loving partner, this is just pure obsessive lust. The best part is that it isn’t “short lived” as most lustful workings are. Anyone can use this.

The incantation is:
al sha wat al mush tay ila

I wrote it as it should be pronounced, though I think it’ll be fine even if you don’t pronounce it right.

The best way to use this is while meditating or just repeating it before you go out, I’ve had very good results using it while listening to sacral chakra frequencies, but it works without it too.


As much as I can respect that this came to you within a dream and it may well in fact be legitimate, I would like to know the source before I attempt it. There is always a source… Who sent/gave you this information on the astral/dream world I wonder?


It came at the time I was working with the jinn king of mars abaa mihroz, the incantation itself only works with the fire element rather than the being however.