Lust For Results vs The World

I’ve been digging around the forum and I find tons of cautioning in regards to listing after results. That makes sense, since obsessing over things, generally, isn’t great, magick or otherwise.

However when you think about some spellwork you’ve done and get a sense of calm and faith that it’s doing it’s thing…does that count as lusting for results?

I sometimes get really sad that things aren’t working out for me as of late and I remember that, hey, I’ve done work to help fix the things that are going wrong (both with spells and personally) and it helps to centre me a little bit.

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No. Lust for Result is an obsessive emotional attachment to the outcome.

You can see it on full display in all the posts on this forum about “needing” to get an ex back, or when someone casts a spell and then asks someone else to contact the spirit to see if their petition/pact/task was accepted.

Simply thinking about the magick you have done, or having a sense of accomplishment about it, does not equal the same thing.


OH Kay. Thank you for clearing that up.


Lol I had it on full display on my bedroom floor a few days ago…usually I’m good with this but man, when people overstep their boundaries…

And yeah, I agree with darknight :slight_smile:

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