Luck of the roll. aka Dice in my favor?

Hey It’s been some time from the last time I had a question. This one has to do with dice.

You see resently I have been in more contact with my twin sisters (they are the twins, not me). There is about a ten year age differences between us.
Well anyway I have found things I have connected with them on. The one, the Legend of Zelda and other videogame nerdy stuff like that. The other we connected on D&D.

The one I connected on D&D with invited me to join her campaign. I immediately said yes.

Big thing though I never played before. Another big thing is I’m the eldest brother and because the twins are from my fathers second mirage and there was so much fighting between parents, we really didn’t get to bond.

So the question is. How can I get dice rolls in my favor, one so I am not a sucky player and to so in some strang way be the big brother I was denied the chance to be, in game?

Any thought are welcomed.


My best advice would be don’t worry about die rolls. Just have fun and be a big brother. However, Planetary Magick could be used. I’d suggest a combo of Mercury and Jupiter. Do a little candle magick on the day of Jupiter, hour of Mercury, or vice versa. But seriously, just enjoy being with sis.


Tychokenisis, but it takes a while to get good so it probably won’t be much help immediately.


Thank you for the advice!

@chef1964 You make a very good point, I will try to do that. Thank you.:slight_smile:

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If you REALLY want to mess with dice, a couple options are to either push them the way you want, or ask them what they will turn up this time. I also play D&D, and I very very occasionally push my dice around, or jokingly curse someone else to “whiff” their roll. Do not do it often, as it indeed falls into the realm of cheating and comes with consequences (i have some of the most short-lived characters in history).

By the by, my methods are NOT 100% accurate, closer to 60%-70%, and it’s easier to push a 50/50 chance than a 1/6 or 1/20 or so on. Make favorable the odds you’re working with before trying to influence the end result


I agree with @chef1964, however, just enjoy playing the game. Failure creates the story just as much as success does, and the important part is your sister


Ok, update. Well I finally ended up rolling for my character this monday. Well truth be told I did “cheat” a little. I placed a very minor, temporary gamblers enchantment on the dice by charging them, not thinking it would do all that much.

Well… It worked I think maybe just a little to well, lets just say I didn’t roll anything under a 13. Man I hope the DM doesn’t get suspicious and think I actually cheated.

On a lighter note. Maybe I should reconsider going to the Casino with my friends next time around! LMAO!!!