Lucius ~ The Sword of Light

Meet Lucius, the sword of light.

I worked on this sword during Beltane. April 30th to May 1st 2022.

The night of April 30th was a very rare black moon.

Which you can read about here. Basically, like a blue moon but happens during a new moon instead of a full moon. It also happened to be an eclipse. (As dark as you wanna go) Giving the significance of the darkness before the light on this night anyway.

I used three Herkimer diamonds on the blade. Herkimer diamonds are actually crystals and reported to be the most powerful crystals.

A clear crystal skull on the base and a chunk of selenite and another Herkimer diamond at the end of the handle.

The sword was anointed with planetary oil of the sun, Beltane oil, and Hekate oil. Also, burned a nice incense.

I set the out in the sun at until after 3pm. 3pm the brightness of the sun. The light out of the darkness.

As I was sitting there allowing the sun and the crystals and all the magick swirling to do it’s thing, I asked," what is your name?"
" Lucius" (meaning bright light) was the reply.

So here is my work. My sword of Light, Lucius.