Lucius Journal 26: Evocation of Bune

Hello everyone.

So, as some will know, my first major victory in all of this happened recently. It seems that my addictions, the urges that I have tried but failed to control for 10+ years, are no more. The Infernal Realm has assisted me tremendously in conquering these addictions, and they have made an effort to boot them out of my life for good.

And they did…dammit, they did.

They have my eternal thanks for freeing me. It feels as though an energy has been lifted from my shoulders. I now have this sense of “power”. After the revelation of my true origins, understanding that I may have a “gift” of some sorts, and having life by the balls after working with these spirits, I now have the power to do a complete 180 and turn my life around.

Conquering these addictions was a major milestone for me. Now, I have the drive to move forward and attack life some more. The first major change is done. Father has delivered. Mother has delivered. The entire kingdom has delivered. My addictions are no more.

On to the next big change: money.

I want a lot of it. A good bit to live a splendid life. I want to be swimming in it. I feel as though if I’m going to be here on this planet, then I may as well make the best of it and live a lavish lifestyle, while documenting this entire journey.

That being said, Belial said that he would help my business get to $10,000 per month. More than enough to have me live lavishly. And even beyond that, he said he would help me get even richer.

Upon working on this second goal, I had a strong intuition to seek help from other sources as well. Sources that have come through for me in the past.


She’s my god damn homegirl. I love her to death. She had always come through for me in the past. Whenever I needed a bit of financial help, she would assist. She even assisted me in getting better results from magick itself. The absolute sweetie that she is, she really gives me “little sister” vibes. It is impossible to hate her. She’s just too friendly. Her personality is very energetic. She acts like a child (in a good way), and I like that. She’s so…well, cute.

How does she appear to me? Well, I know that for some on here, she appears as male. For me, she appears as female. A young one.

A very young one.

For me, she appears as this 13-15 year old girl with black hair down to the middle of her back. Her skin is brown, and quite flawless, if I may add. And she seems to always wear a green short dress. Her eyes are completely black, like staring into the night. Oh, and she is always barefoot.

She looks cute and adorable. She’s also really pretty. Now, this wouldn’t be an issue, but…

She seems to have some sort of “mini crush” on me. Which I do not know how to react to.

Considering that she always manifests as a 14 year old girl, I’m not sure how to react to her seemingly “hidden” but obvious romantic remarks about me. Of course I know that she’s probably older than my demonic soul itself, but…I just… i dunno. I don’t know how to take it.

While her remarks are cute, I feel that she genuinely likes me. Like, like likes me. Hm…

Either way, you will see what I mean when I write down what she said this morning. I spoke with her in regards to teaming with Belial in helping me make $10,000 a month. I figured the more “money expert” spirits I had helping me, the better. Plus, she came through in the past.

[Ritual Space]

Me: Bune? Are you there? Can you give me a sign?

I hear a knock.

Me: Ah…there you are.
Bune: (jumping out, scaring the hell out of me) Lucius!
Me: (Startled) Oh! Hi…
Bune: Sorry, did I scare you? I didn’t mean to scare you. Don’t be mad!
Me: No-no-no, you’re fine. It’s good to see my dear friend again. What’s up?
Bune: Nothin’ much! I’m glad you called me again! I’ve been waiting…
Me: Waiting?
Bune: Yeah! I just had this feeling, ya know? This feeling that one day, you would call me again. And it happened! Yay!!
Me: Haha, well…I’m glad I could give you joy.
Bune: So…you called me here. Why? You want some more money?
Me: Well…more than that. Let’s talk.

(I give her the details. I’m not sure if I feel comfortable telling my exact financial plan here. Just know that I told her I want to make $10,000 a month).

Bune: (sly) Lucius…you never told me you had a business.
Me: Haha, well yes. I do now. So how do you feel? Can you help Belial, help me? I mean…not like "assisting " him like a servant. But like… you know? Helping us both? I’m not sure how to-
Bune: (smiling) I see what you mean.
Me: So you will help me then? Even with Belial?
Bune: Well, I like you! Of course! Why would I not?
Me: Well, I heard from someone else that you don’t like Belial, and he doesn’t like you. How true is this?
Bune: HA! Who told you that!?
Me: It’s just what I heard…
Bune: Not true. I look at him like a father. Now, I will say that we often like to compete. Like… a lot.
Me: Ah, really?
Bune: Yeah! Which is good for you, because I’m going to help you first.
Me: Uuh…okay. But how will I know it was you?
Bune: Oh, you’ll know. I’ll make sure you know! (smiling)
Me: Haha, well sweet! Okay, so you’ll help me out?
Bune: You know i got you, Luci! But just know that I need you to put in the work! Here! On the ground! Okay?
Me: Cool! So, concerning my umm…payment-
Bune: You don’t have to pay me.
Me: I…don’t?
Bune: Not if you don’t want to!
Me: Well, I insist. I don’t want to leave you empty-handed, you know? Plus, you’ve come through for me in the past. So, I trust you.
Bune: Whatcha got!?
Me: Want some blood?
Bune: Your blood?
Me: Yeah. You like blood, right?
Bune: (sensually) Mmmm…yeah. It tastes good.
Me: Uhhh…what?
Bune: (nervous) Nothing! Give it to me!

I gave her a couple of drops on her sigil. She was still in the room with me as I did this. Oddly, as I added the drops to her sigil, I could hear her slightly umm…moaning? Saying “yes” under her breath? And when I kept adding drops, the candles started to flicker and brighten, like she was getting…“excited”?

Me: Bune?
Bune: (nervously) huh?
Me: Uuhh…you okay?
Bune: (nervous) Me? Yes! No- well yes! I’m uhh… I’m fine! Sorry! Was that weird? I’m not weird. Don’t think I’m weird!
Me: Haha, its okay, sweetie. Would this be enough?
Bune: That’s perfect!
Me: One more thing.
Bune: More?

I pulled out a gold coin, valued greatly. It was a gift from my grandmother. I felt as though Bune would enjoy it.

Me: I heard you like gold, so…-
Bune: (excited heavy gasp) wooow! Where did you get this!?
Me: It was a gift from my grandmother. I figured you could find use in it. Consider it another offering, and as a thanks for helping me in the past.
Bune: Lucius! You didn’t have to!
Me: Haha, well, like I said, you came through for me in the past. So I want to give it to you, dear. I appreciate you for helping me out. You know, I look to you like a little sister.
Bune: You do?
Me: Yeah! You’re just so adorable. And cute.
Bune: Ad-…adorable? (nervous) Aaaw I’m blushing now!
Me: Haha, Like I said, adorable.
Bune: Well, since you said that, there is something I should tell you, Lucius.
Me: Sure! What’s up?

She got up close to me, like she was trying to tell me a secret in my ear

Bune: (whisper) I’m actually one of your biggest fans.
Me: A fan? You? A duchess?
Bune Yeah!! Oh my, you’re so cool! GAH I wish you could remember how cool you are! Outside of that meat-sack you’re so badass!
Me: I have…spiritual fans?
Bune: You have a lot! Didn’t any tell you?
Me: I mean, random ones I saw “spying” on me did…but I figured they were bluffing.
Bune: No, they’re not! You’re popular! But I want you for myself!
Me: Well damn. That’s something to note. it’s awesome to have a spirit like yourself like someone like me!
Bune: Oh yes! I like you, Lucius. Like, like-like you. Like…Like-like you…(smile)
Me: Umm…wow. So, is it a romantic sort of-
Bune: Yes.
Me:* OOOOOH…Um, wow. Aaaand, you’re okay with being blunt about it?
Bune: (Smiling) yep!
Me: And you’re completely okay with telling me?
Bune: You were bound to find out anyway, Luci!
Me: Well! I…admire that.
Bune: (Gasp) you do!?
Me: Well yeah. I’m, happy to know that you find me favorable.
Bune: Gaaah, that’s great!
Me: But back to business. How long should I expect until our goal is accomplished?
Bune: Mmmm six months at the very most! Maybe sooner!
Me: Hm. So basically once next semester starts?
Bune: Yep! is this…too long?
Me: Oh no! It was expected. Belial told me the same thing. I know it takes time to get a business going. As long as you can get me to where I need to be, I don’t mind.
Bune: Sweet! So! Are we all set?
Me: One more thing.
Bune: Yes?
Me: Once this is all completed, and I give my job the middle-finger, I want to dedicate artwork to you. And post it as another “thank you” for your help.
Bune: Wow!! I’d love that! Make us hug!
Me: You want us to…hug?
Bune: Yes! Draw us hugging!
Me: Tell you what. How about we look at some poses together?
Bune: Me and you?
Me: Yeah!
Bune: Yes!!

We browsed a few, and well…

Bune: These poses fucking suck!
Me: (gasp) Bune…
Bune: (ahem) Sorry. Change of plans! I want us doing something romantic!
Me: Romantic?
Bune: Yes! Romantic! If you’re–If you’re up for it, of course.
Me: Well, it’s your gift. Soooo whatever you want!
Bune: woo-hoo! Okay! You need to get started, Lucius. Like, now!
Me: So what should I do from here on out?
Bune: Just keep working on your business. Me and Belial will do the rest. Don’t stop. Like, at all. You won’t reach $10k in one month. So I don’t want you summoning me again in two weeks and asking why you’re still broke! Gimme time!
Me: Haha, sure thing, sweetie.
Bune: (smile) I like it when you call me that.
Me: Heh…well…I’m glad…
Bune: So! Is this goodbye?
Me: For now, Bune. Gimme a hug before you go, though?
Bune: Yay I love hugs!

She always gives the warmest hugs. her energy is very warm. Like a fireplace. It felt great in the cold weather. As she was hugging me, though, I felt what felt like a kiss. I thought it was just my own imagination fucking with me, until I asked.

Me: Was that what I think it was?
Bune: (sly smile) Bye, Lucius.
Me: Alrighty…

She abruptly left after. She has a habit of leaving quickly. Something that I noticed the other spirits don’t have. I feel it is due to her energetic nature. But, this is my next big step. I will be working on this business as much as possible. Once I reach financial freedom, I will be unstoppable. This is the last wall I must break before life is totally in my control. Before I become a bit closer to being my own “god” of my life, per say. Things will really change after this. If this happens, I may consider doing video journals, documenting the fruits of this labor. Though, that is for another time. Coincidentally, I am beginning to pick up potential customers. I can’t wait to see what is in store for the future! Thanks for reading!

(P.S.:Gift for Lilith coming soon. I will be posting it to the forum.)

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So, I looooooooooved this journal so much! Had a big smile on my face the entire time!


I’m glad my experience made you smile, dear :slightly_smiling_face:


Why is it different that she manifests as a 14 year old girl?

Its so amazing how she shows up to different people. I’ve never officially called on her, but from the moment I started researching her and learning about her, I’ve been surrounded by what feels like a protective and motherly type of feeling.

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I suppose I was expecting a woman around her 20’s. But I’m not complaining. Its not important :+1:t5:.

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Do you like her like how she like so you as well?

As a romantic partner? I don’t look at her that way, so I suppose not. I look to her as a good friend.


:joy: :joy:

Wow that’s awesome! Cheers dude! I believe Bune had come to me in my minds eye, as a woman with purple skin. I will be opening her sigil tonight again.

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AMAZING Story I love reading success stories about Bune


Thank you for this description. I really appreciate it


Great story,
If I may ask how you evoked Bune?
Thanks in advance :grin:


Search the forum for ways to evoke her.


Inspired by your journal I tried for the first time to evoke a Demon - Bune. I think I was successful because I could feel her energy on my back. It was a good feeling. I couldn’t see her, but I am sure that she was here.
Looking forward…

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Next time you guys are, you know, just chillin, feel free to let her know Kenneth Tabor is looking for her. Or really any daemon in the magical world. I keep summoning and summoning and for some reason I get nothing.

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong, but it’s sad not having results when seeking help. Especially from those who are known to answer.

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that’s how I am, evoking and I have not had results, I have been looking for contact for a year but I have not been able, but I will never give up

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Something about the color purple and Bune. Purple and black. I had a dream where she said those were her colors.

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Bune is great. What a wonderful story.

It makes me wanting to repost my recent experience with her. I have posted it on the thanking spirits topic but I guess it fits here as well, in order for some more positive feedback to be generated about her in this lovely topic:

"I want to thank Bune for something simple. But she did for me!

I was in a need for a little more money than I had for something. Lets say one more coin.

I asked her as I was searching around the house.

Checking on a place that I have looked before and I knew / remembered there was anything. Suddenly the coin of the amount I was in need -and a little more- was there!

Tonight I lit her a white candle and offer her some sweet banana and simply thanked her as I was listening and repeated her venn.

I told her that I was going to post the incident on the forum, letting everyone know that she helped me and how kind she is.

So that is what I am doing it now!

Thanks again Bune! Oh mighty Bune!".

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