Just read EA’s newsletter, this guy sounds pretty interesting. Thought I would try making his sigil. Does anyone have the hebraic spelling of his name?

One of the main points in EA’s newsletter was that you didn’t need a sigil to summon this demon. Lucifuge will reveal himself to you if you are ready. I would suspect using another saturnian spirit like Azazel would be able to help you contact Lucifuge. Also you could start drawing him close to you by saying his name in deep theta state. Then listen to his voice or watch for an astral imprint.

@defectron: Just call his name with intent, I’m sure that will be more than enough for such a powerful demon.

Ok, I’ll try doign those. I was just thinking since I didn’t have as much experience as Ea , having his sigil might be good. But maybe it isn’t nessecery.

Just a little notification… in spite of what Mr. Koetting wrote in his otherwise most fascinating newsletter on Lucifuge Rofocale, his sigil does actually exist. There are various editions of “Le Grand Grimoire” (including the version thereof carryin the title “Le Véritable Dragon Rouge”) that contain the sigil, and even the signature, of this particular spirit. Although I’m all for Mr. Koetting’s suggestion about attempting to evoke him without the use of a sigil.

But for those interested in working with the character of this spirit, it is there.

@Tesposinus: Any chance of a link?

That’s true, i read the Grand Grimoire before and there was a signature there and maybe a sigil. I will search on it again.

Just looked around the internet but can’t really find anything good so please bear with me while I take a few photographs of some books on my shelf… I might not be able to put anything up until tomorrow, though, as it’s getting pretty late here in Japan and work awaits in the morning.

Rest assured, though, that I won’t forget so stay tuned!

Awesome :slight_smile: Thanks!

This is what i found in the grimoire

I am pretty curious to see how this working plays through. In my research of lucifuge I really didnt find anything special. Im pretty sceptical to rule him out as lucifer’s dark twin not saying that he is a real entity but It kinda seems that someone fucked up somewhere and writers in the past used him as a cop out. Like EA my curiousity has been aroused and seeing that my current workings prevent me from exploring this avenue anytime soon. Seeing that people are already interested, I would love to see if lucifer, forlocur (spelling?) would have some input that they could share in a public forum?

I could be dead wrong, and would like to know if the credibility of this guy is for real. So please keep us posted.

Well then… no need for me to start taking pictures then. That was the sigil and the signature I was talking about. There are other variations of them in various editions of “Le Grand Grimoire” (and by extension, “Le Véritable Dragon Rouge”) that are with some artistic difference, but the characters themselves are the same.

So hope that will suffice. Thanks for being quick on the draw, Divinator! (^^)/

I stand corrected! Thanks for posting this!

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Not sure about Lucifuge, no experience with him, but one of my familiars serves under Azazel. He explained that Azazel is a dark version of Lucifer, though one of many (different demons lead though different paths). Lucifer opens the gateway to Godhood and Azazel opens up the gateway to damnation. He told it to me from a Kabbalistic perspective, mostly for my own benefit I think, due to my past experience. Azazel leads one through mastery of the Abyss and when you emerge, if you do, Lucifer guides you to the higher realms of ascent which lie above the Abyss, into ones own full Godhood as opposed to the traditional merging with “God”. A tad off topic, just thought I’d share my experiences.


Further experience: Azazel seems to be a teacher of awakening, who works along side with the other three Gatekeepers, to move and advance you far enough along your path that the entities above him will contact you. Starts out in dreams and during meditation and soul travel as a pre-notice (mild contact to get your attention) to full on reverse evocation, where they summon you. Just figured I’d add if any were interested.

Another side note: Don’t keep your workings to just Azazel only, there are four Gatekeepers for a reason. Work with all four! They all have many faces (or masks) throughout history, and all four have much to teach.

Although my only reference to this is an old Ghost Rider comic (which as we all know is thus true), is Lucifuge Rofocale Lucifers son, or Lucifers brother?


[quote=“DouglasJamesCameronFuego, post:17, topic:1120”]Although my only reference to this is an old Ghost Rider comic (which as we all know is thus true), is Lucifuge Rofocale Lucifers son, or Lucifers brother?


What does that mean? Brother? Son? Outside of its mere legal sense, these words refer strictly to a biological relationship between sexually-reproducing physical organisms. These are not physical entities.

Lucifer opens the gateway to Godhood ...

'Nuff said. It’s good to see this agreement with of ones own experiences of alleged figments of my imagination. The one who bears the grail of the blood of Christ, for all who are worthy to drink …