Lucifuge rofocale's gift upon me, a demonic dragon hydrid familiar

“legions and familiars I grant, I give you this dragonic child of sorcery its name is o’sa’mnam’vel he enpowers and protect
Its almost a hydrid of the infernal forge and womb of abyss”

He gave his sigil and an enn

“work with your guiding familiar, he is both angelic and demonic, he sparks intuition and private life physic abilities and more”

I see a mental image of a small but powerful infernal and celestial dragon in my shoulder and getting lots of great vibes
I can call him by thinking
I getting a vibe that I have a great work to do with that amazing being
Let the work begin fairy infernal celestial dragon


I always enjoy your posts.

Keep it up⭐

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Thank you!

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That is great. Hope you achieve great development in your practice.

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Thank you, hope you too

Don’t reveal your familiar’s name because it is only for your eyes.
That’s a general rule.

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Never knew that but he’s told me to me to share his name for an unknown reason

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If he told you that then you’re free to publicly share it.
But by sharing familiar’s name/sigil then everybody else can use/summon it.
I’d rather keep such familiar for myself.