Lucifuge Rofocale

What can I gain from Lucifuge other than materialistic gain?


Eh. Some knowledge of your true self. This is a bit more complicated since it is based on the idea of inner self vs outer self. At least that’s what I gained out of my contact with him.

The main idea with Lucifuge from what I have gathered is that he is in control of certain laws and can manipulate the courts. There are also some people who believe he can manipulate dimensions as well. I’m not sure about that but I wouldn’t doubt it because it is simply based on your connection, not what they can do.


He can activate the Dark Star in you, if you want to learn more watch E.A.'s videos on it

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He can manipulate court? Can you Tell me more? I did a pact with aataroth, Lúcifer e bael, and a Spirit sent by them, Said that i Will gain a money, that they Will manipulate in court

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Black star is like the dark Sun?

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From what E.A. says they are different from another, but they may be connected, idk when I work with him (Lucifuge) I can maybe explain more, I will let you know if I can
P.S. that post I withdrew is saying the same thing, but I forgot to hit the reply button

It’s not that he’ll help you manipulate the court system, in my personal experience and readings [to keep it subjective here] Rofocale will show you the deceitful actions of others in law.