Lucifuge Rofocale

Hello everyone, has anyone worked with Lucifuge Rofocale before?
I can’t seem to find much information on him.

I know E.A. has a video on youtube called “I evoke Lucifer’s dark twin and he pays me a warning”. That video is about Lucifuge, how he is real, and gives some information on him. Probably not as much info as you are looking for but it may be a start if you have not already seen it. I would post a link to the video but I’m on my ipad and my mobile youtube is outdated, doesn’t work right.

Here is the link to the video for those who want to watch it :slight_smile:

I believe you will find him in “The Grand Grimorie”

He also goes under another name in the Trve grimoire by Kent.

I have. In an open air, cave-like pit, a brother and I evocted Lucifuge Rocofale, Chief of Evil and Lord of Excess. He might be said to be SATAN’S Quartermaster or HIS accountant. The Lord of Darkness and I signed a blood pact.

That said, I live in rural Texas and I seek brothers with whom to ascend in the Crossroads of this world and the Astral Realm do any of y’all live in Texas?

People tend to get the wrong idea about this guy, my advice: work with him and learn for yourself. There is way too much misinformation on him to Google him. You could also check out some of my posts

Lucifuge is wonderful to work with, however, he will demand you to be serious in undertaking your endeavor. Do not take him lightly…

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